Smush Pro Super Servers Now Compresses Images up to 200% Faster

Smush Pro Super Servers Now Compresses Images up to 200% Faster

Smush recently compressed its 11 billionth image. Huge! So to celebrate, we’ve given our Smush Pro super servers a major speed upgrade – images are now being pushed out a whopping 200% faster!

The server upgrade means you can do all the things you already do with Smush, just much faster, including:

  • Super Smushing – You get 2x the results with virtually no visible loss in quality
  • Compressing huge 32MB files – Add images straight from your DSLR to your site
  • Bulk Smushing – Optimize thousands of images with a click
  • Use Smush on unlimited sites – We don’t restrict how many sites you can use our plugins on. Use Smush on every site or network you manage!

Updated: 12/20/2018 – Smush Pro now includes WebP compression, automatic image scaling and 10GB of CDN storage on our 40 Tbps servers with 45 share points around the world.

You guys voted the free version of Smush the best plugin in the WordPress Plugin Repository, which we’re incredibly humbled by. So we’re doing our darndest to keep making it bigger and better, while also making big improvements to the pro version for our members.

Bulk smush images
Bulk Smush your entire library in a fraction of the time with the new super server.

Smush 2x Speed Boost

Just think of all the time that you’ll save on your next bulk Smush. You’ll be able to get massive image libraries optimized for the web 2x times faster.

Your new clients are going to think you are an optimization magician when you’re done speeding up their site!

And the best news is members can get started using the upgraded servers today! We kicked it into overdrive and you can just sit back and enjoy the savings… at super speed!

Smush Pro settings
Smush Pro has advanced features for developers, design agencies, businesses, and non-profit organizations. Boost speed and drive more traffic to any site.

Who Doesn’t Love Free Stuff?!

Smush free has +800,000 users with thousands of 5-star reviews for a reason. It works incredibly well.

But if you’ve been looking for the perfect time to take Smush Pro through its paces on your site, there has never been a better time. Get started today absolutely free for 30-days. If Smush doesn’t make all your wildest dreams come true you can cancel and keep all your Super Smushed images.

There’s really nothing to lose – except all those bulky image files on your site :)

We want to know how much faster your site is with Smush. Share your PageSpeed increase in the comments. If you haven't tried Smush Pro yet you can get it free. Enjoy!


Joshua Joshua has been a marketing strategist, designer, and digital content producer for the past 15 years. After managing content for one of the world's largest WordPress blogs and curating content for their millions of monthly readers, he returned to his startup roots, launching and promoting new products and consulting for businesses looking to grow.