Smushing Awesome – Meet the All New WP Smush

Smushing Awesome – Meet the All New WP Smush

When we adopted the WP plugin in March 2013 we figured we’d just improve it and offer better support. Boy, were we wrong.

Since WP Smush Pro was launched we’ve added sooo much new stuff. Head over to the project page to check out all the new features! Check out WP Smush Pro

First, we did a complete revamp. Then we introduced our own pro smushing service just for WPMU DEV members (which was an *enormous* amount of work to get right). And then that seemed enough, both services were working pretty well (Yahoo was less than perfect, but ok) so we focussed on other stuff…

But then, just a few weeks ago the free plugin stopped working! It seems that Yahoo had basically silently gotten rid of the service, and that still seems the case (an announcement of some sorts would have been nice guys :/).

So we figured… well, why not take over where Yahoo has left off, brand new API, brand new cloud config, brand new improved smushing, introducing…

The All New WP Smush

You can download it, entirely for free now at

Probably the biggest complaint of the old plugin (we’ve removed the .it, we’re just smushing) was that it kept on timing out and falling over as it basically wasn’t properly resourced or maintained by Yahoo.

No more!

3.2 million images smushed in the first 24 hours, that’s a savings of 13GB…

This new plugin has been redesigned from the ground up with a sleek new API and will be improved and maintained the same way we do with all WPMU DEV products.

Probably the second biggest complaint was that it didn’t work for https sites.

Now it does :)

Just install and activate the plugin and it’ll automatically and reliably smush every image you upload (up to 1MB, just like before), work just fine over https and allow you to batch smush your entire library in batches of 50 attachments.

It’s awesome and we’re so happy to be able to raise free smushing from the dead…. but of course, you can also take it that little bit further :)

Smush Pro is Brand New Too

The old Smush Pro plugin was awesome, we put so much work into it making it so that there weren’t drop outs, https was working and that users could Smush up to 5MB images.

Well, we had to do a bit better than that for this one, introducing the all new WP Smush Pro plugin.

Super Smush >60% Compression

With the new Pro release you can now “Super-Smush” your images with our intelligent multi-pass lossy compression. Getting >60% average compression with almost no noticeable quality loss.

You’ve never smushed so hard and so well.

Smush Up to 8MB

5MB wasn’t enough, you can now smush images up to a massive 8MB.

And we’ll try every kind of lossless compression we can to get the absolute most out of your images.

Backup All Smushed Images

Now you can backup every image you smush and restore it at a later date if you wish.

It never hurts to be safe.

Bulk Smush *Everything* in One Click

In the new WP Smush Pro plugin you can bulk smush as many images as you like with just one click.

Media library with 5,000 images… no worries, we’ll smush the lot of them for ya!

Oh, and 100+ Plugins, Upfront Themes & 24/7 Expert Support

And, of course not only do you get WP Smush Pro, but a WPMU DEV membership gets you everything else that a membership gets you.

Unlimited sites licenses, unlimited support, 100% GPL (so cancel any time and use forever).

If you haven’t already joined up, I think you are running out of excuses :)

And What About These Numbers…

And since we released it… less than 24 hours ago we’ve done:

  • 13GB compressed off images.
  • 3.2 million images smushed
  • Images smushed from 5915 different WP sites
  • Peaking at smushing 70 images per second today
  • 9% average compression overall (that includes all filetypes, and mostly lossless)
  • Lossless is 8.8% on average.
  • Super-Smush (lossy) is 29% average (will go up to 60%+ as a lot of images coming through from members have been compressed previously)

Smushing awesome!

Download the free WP Smush here.

Checkout WP Smush Pro here.