Sneak Peek at the WordPress Twenty Twelve Theme

Sneak Peek at the WordPress Twenty Twelve Theme

The new WordPress Twenty Twelve default theme is coming along nicely. Drew Strojny and the team are working to have it ready for the WordPress 3.5 release. Today he offered an update on the Theme Foundry blog, outlining the progress and what they’re shooting for with this new theme:

Twenty Twelve isn’t finished yet, but all the major styling is complete. The goal was to design a clean, minimal, and responsive theme, with a focus on typography and readability.

The theme has come a long way from the first sketches seen back in April of this year.

Check out Twenty Twelve in action by visiting the live demo, currently hosted on

Drew Strojny will be posting more blogs on the design decisions and processes during work on the theme, so make sure you’re subscribed to the Theme Foundry blog.