Spam Destroyer Really Works To Kill WordPress Spam

Spam Destroyer Really Works To Kill WordPress Spam

WordPress comment spam is a never-ending problem, and this keeps me constantly on the hunt for the best spam killing plugin. CAPTCHAs can sometimes work but we all hate them with the fire of a thousand suns. Even the fancy ones with images and games are just lame and inconvenient.

Lately, I’ve been testing the free Spam Destroyer plugin. It quietly popped into the repository a couple of weeks ago without a lot of fanfare. I’ve been testing it for the past couple of weeks on a small WordPress blog where I had been receiving about 5-7 spam comments per day. Since I installed it, I’ve gotten zero spam comments sent to my inbox for two weeks.

Spam Destroyer is Effortless to Use

Setting up this plugin couldn’t be easier. Everything it does is blissfully invisible and unobtrusive. Just install and activate and that’s it. Spam Destroyer implements a fairly common method of blocking spam. It users a cookie and a hidden input field, which are created/verified by javascript. If a bot is attempting to bypass this plugin, it will need to be able to process both cookies and/or javascript.

Spam Destroyer was created by Ryan Hellyer based on his own setup that he’s been running for two years. During that time he’s experienced only a handful of incorrect results. I’d say that’s some fairly solid spam protection!

Who Should Use the Spam Destroyer?

Hellyer outlines three reasons you might want to consider installing this plugin, as opposed to other spam management options:

  • You are sick of spam
  • You can not afford the costs of using Akismet
  • You do not like the idea of using external services to control spam

If every other plugin you’ve tried hasn’t worked or has eventually crapped out on you, then Spam Destroyer is a solution you might want to look into.

Support for bbPress, BuddyPress, and WordPress Multisite

This Spam Destroyer now features experimental support for bbPress user registrations, bbPress guest posting, BuddyPress posts and commenting, and WordPress multisite user and blog signups. If you have a network-wide spam or splog problem, I wouldn’t hesitate to give this plugin a try, given how easy it is to install. Zero configuration is always a huge plus. Get in touch with Ryan if you are testing it and want to offer feedback.

Everyone is pressed for time these days. Don’t slow people down from interacting on your website with a lousy, inconvenient spam blocker. C’mon, you can do better than that! Give the free Spam Destroyer plugin a try. It is quite possibly the best free plugin for killing WordPress comment spam.

And for more help to combat spam, be sure to check out our article that features 15 top-rated antispam plugins.

Have you used Spam Destroyer or any other antispam plugin? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!
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