SpeakPipe: Get Intimate With Your WordPress Blog Readers

SpeakPipe: Get Intimate With Your WordPress Blog Readers

Let your readers’ voices be heard – literally!

As regular readers of my articles will know, I am always looking for new ways to increase the level of engagement between blogger and reader. We are after all living in the web 2.0 world, where engagement is the name of the game.

It wasn’t long ago that I featured Verishow, an online customer support style service. However, many bloggers will feel that putting something like Verishow on their site would be overkill. What I have for you today could comfortably bridge that gap between the “vanilla” contact form, and full-blown customer support functionality.

Enter SpeakPipe

Readers of your blog no doubt already have a means of contacting you (if they don’t, that is something you need to take care of immediately). You will have a contact form, perhaps your email address, or maybe even a telephone number.

Whatever you do have, the more options people have in contacting you, the betterSpeakPipe is another option – and a cool one at that.

Once you have signed up to SpeakPipe (which is an extremely straightforward process), you just have to paste some code into a widget, and you will have a brand new addition to your blog pages:


Your readers can now click on that button on the side of their screen and leave a voicemail message for you. Whenever you receive a message, SpeakPipe will inform you by email, and you can listen to them with the click of a button.

It is a cool little idea, but the real joy is in its implementation. It is extremely easy to sign up, set up, and listen. And it offers something a little different for your blog readers.

Sign up to SpeakPipe here.

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Jason Hargrove