Support? Annual Security Check? 1 Days Training? That’ll be $250k please…

Support? Annual Security Check? 1 Days Training? That’ll be $250k please…

‘Barely-for-profit’ WordPress parent company Automattic has just released a new product, VIP support for web hosts.

It's all in black, so it must be important

RWW reports that the new offering will provide:

  • better support for major infrastructure
  • annual review of clients’ entire WordPress hosting stack
  • an annual security audit and review of best practices
  • and a one-day onsite training of clients’ WordPress-focused staff

Starting from, you heard me right, $250,000 / year, per seat.


But I’m sure that it’ll actually do really well – the VIP program has been a success right from the start and cleverly utilizes the facilities (hardware infrastructure) and skillset (staff) that Automattic already have in order to service their main offerings –

So it allows them to use up any slack they have, probably continually develop their skillset and infrastructures (not to mention product) and pick up all the big customers (why would you go for anyone but the best if you’re  a big corporate in this space) with minimum effort… and doubtless make a lot of money.

While leaving the rest of us to fight over the scraps :)

But I dunno, that doesn’t mean that it’s intrinsically valuable… I mean, you could hire yourself two or three full time fairly high end developers for that kind of cash, or pick up 596 annual memberships at WPMU DEV or just pocket it, and let your doubtless already v experienced tech team (who has $250k sitting about and doesn’t already have a decent tech team) handle it…

I’m betting it’ll be a massive success, but I wouldn’t buy it myself… what’s your take?