Best Support Ticket Plugins for WordPress We Love

Best Support Ticket Plugins for WordPress We Love

Customer experience is incredibly important in today’s competitive landscape. A Gartner survey reported that 89% of businesses now compete with one another mostly on the quality of customer experience they provide. A few years back, only 36% of companies used that as a differentiator.

No matter how independent you want your visitors to be when they use self-service support on your WordPress site, it’s always a good idea to have clearly available methods by which they can directly contact you for help. Live chat is always a good choice. Contact forms are definitely a must.

But what about support tickets?

Part of ensuring that your website’s customer experience remains solid is by providing spot-on customer support whenever and however your visitors need it.

A support ticket system is one more option by which your customers can reach out, and is often a more convenient and informative contact option for both of you.

And guess what? There are WordPress plugins to help you create and integrate a support ticket system into your WordPress.

The Best Support Ticket Plugins for WordPress

One of the great things about a support ticket system is that it enables you to:

  • Handle a high quantity of inquiries simultaneously.
  • Create priorities and manage accordingly.
  • Respond within a specific timeframe, but not have to drop everything to manage it (that way you can also remain focused and productive).
  • Delegate based on the type of issue as well as your team members’ expertise.
  • Offer consistent and on-brand responses, especially if you have canned messaging you can use when answering common questions and issues.

Support ticket systems are also good for your customers, especially millennials who prefer not to get stuck on hold waiting for a customer support representative to answer.

Now, what you really want to know is…

How do you set up this support system on your WordPress site? Well, there are of course plugins that will get the job done. Here are some of the best support ticket plugins currently available:

Support Genix – WordPress Support Ticket Plugin

Support Genix - WordPress Support Ticket Plugin
Support Genix – WordPress Support Ticket Plugin

Support Genix offers excellent features and functionality at a low cost, is super easy to setup, and provides lots of custom made features that allow you to provide superior quality customer support.

In addition to providing excellent quality customer support, Support Genix includes unlimited clients, unlimited agents, unlimited mailbox, unlimited tickets, and many other must-haves for eCommerce websites or any other types of business.

Here are some other cool features of the plugin:

  • Create and manage unlimited custom tickets for your business.
  • You can have an unlimited number of agents to help manage tickets.
  • Provide support to unlimited clients.
  • Agents can create tickets on behalf of clients to answer their questions or queries.
  • Easily manage your agents’ ability to provide support or view tickets.
  • Transfer any user or client tickets to another agent or department.
  • Use email piping to automatically import emails to your support ticket system and create an unlimited mailbox using
  • Verify your client purchase code by connecting your Envato author account and Elite Licenser.
  • Save common support responses for clients.
  • Upload a specific type of file to provide enhanced system security.
  • Manage email notifications for a variety of events, ticket responses, and ticket closures as well as during ticket creation.

More Details: Support Genix

Awesome Support Plugin

Awesome Support Plugin
Awesome Support Plugin

This feature-rich plugin surprisingly offers all of the support system functionality a small business website would need right out of the box. While there are some awesome premium features available with this plugin, I don’t think there’ll be much of a need for them starting out what with how feature-packed the free version of the plugin is. That said, once you’re ready to scale your support system, this plugin is ready to grow alongside your needs.

Here are some other cool features:

  • Your support representatives will receive email notifications for every stage of the ticket lifecycle.
  • Multiple support agents can be assigned the same ticket, so your team can collaborate if the issue crosses different departments/products/areas of interest.
  • You can enable file uploads if you want your support team and users to be able to communicate visually, which is oftentimes more effective than just a text description.
  • This plugin syncs with e-commerce tools like WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads so you can provide product-specific support.
  • If you require customers to consent to a Terms & Conditions before contacting you for support, this plugin will take care of that additional requirement.
  • Support reps can create tickets on behalf of customers if the requests come through other channels like email, social media, or phone.
  • You can track the original source of the support ticket request (if it didn’t come through the form).
  • Time tracking is included.

More details: Awesome Support Plugin


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No credit card required

Support Candy

Support Candy
Support Candy

Truth be told, there aren’t too many free WordPress plugins that will get the job done when it comes to providing a high-end support ticket system. This one, however, is an exception. It’s well-built, well-supported, and the free version comes with everything you’ll need to get started with a fast Ajax-based support system.

Here are some other cool features:

  • This plugin comes with the ability to build a support ticket system as well as FAQ.
  • Ticketing system, FAQs, and support CTA are 100% responsive.
  • Unlimited tickets can be submitted by your customers (or your support representatives on behalf of them).
  • Users can attach files
  • If you want to accept tickets from non-registered users, you can enable guest ticket submission and secure it with anti-spam to protect your site in the process.
  • Your support staff can log private notes within each ticket to be made available to the rest of the team.
  • Canned replies and email templates are available for more streamlined and consistent responses.
  • You can customize your system’s ticket fields, categories, priorities, and statuses.
  • You can also edit the ticketing page with custom CSS if you aren’t content with the pre-defined style or layout.
  • Built-in analytics are available for each support agent’s performance.

If you want to upgrade to the premium version of this plugin, you’ll receive features like email piping, canned replies, assign agent rules, automatic ticket closing, ticket exportation to CSV, service level agreements, customer satisfaction surveys, sync to Google calendar, as well as integrations with WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Gravity Forms, FAQ plugins, and more.

More details: Support Candy

Support System Plugin

Support System Plugin
Support System Plugin

Note: We no longer actively support this plugin (and Pro Sites mentioned below). However, we have made the source code available on our GitHub repository for users who would like to use it and develop it further.

When it comes to providing ticketed support, your goal is to offer convenience to visitors and control to your operations. This Support System plugin from WPMU DEV does an amazing job at both. In addition to providing you with the means to build a support ticket system on your website, it also comes with a full FAQ, too. That way, visitors can browse around for answers to their questions first before submitting a ticket to your team for assistance.

Here are some other cool features:

  • It integrates with Pro Sites which makes this especially attractive for developers who want to offer this as a premium service.
  • You’ll be able to manage it all—tickets and FAQs—from a new menu in WordPress called Support.
  • Users not only have the ability to submit tickets, but they can also track the status of them, too.
  • You can create specific categories based on the most common types of ticket requests. This’ll make it easier to assign issue resolution to the right team member.
  • The ticketing system allows for more than just text messages. Users (both the customer as well as support representative) can communicate using uploaded files, screenshots, and even embedded videos.

More details: Support System Plugin

Wrapping Up

According to Zendesk, 82% of people will stop doing business with a brand if customer service is poorly executed. So, does that mean you should bail on providing options for direct service out of fear that you might deliver a bad customer experience?

No, absolutely not. What it means is that you should use a reliable support ticket system so you may provide reliable, consistent, and timely support to your customers.

Editor’s Note: This post has been updated for accuracy and relevancy. [Originally Published: Oct 2017 / Revised: September 2022]

Over to you: Do you find that your customers are generally in support of or opposed to a support ticket system? What is the general reasoning for it?

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