The 2020 WPMU DEV Survey

The 2020 WPMU DEV Survey

Since 2010 surveys have guided much of what we do. So a decade on from our first one, here’s another opportunity to shape the future of WPMU DEV to suit the most important person in our business, you.

Back in 2017 you told us you’d like The Hub to be much improved so you could manage all your WP sites with ease (see Hub 2.0), you’d like a great forms plugin (see Forminator) and, most of all, you’d love to see what we could do with hosting (see WPMU DEV Hosting) while continuing to improve and exceed in the core plugins and 24/7 expert support that has always been at the heart of WPMU DEV.

We hope we delivered.

So, now’s your chance to help shape the next few years (at least!) and, to say thank you for participating we’re giving away 5 free annual memberships and 1 free lifetime membership to people who take the time to fill out the survey, even if you are not a current member.

Having said that, submissions are anonymous unless you choose to enter your email address at the end (we’ll notify the winners by email within a month from now and post about you on social if we receive permission).

And, as before, I personally promise to read every single submission in detail and make notes (in 2017 it took me two solid days!) – good, bad, constructive or not I’d like to hear your opinions and wishes for how we can do the best for you… it’s my job, and I’m so excited to hear what you’re going to say.

So, on with the survey, this year powered by Forminator :) If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to post them in the comments.’

Aaand, the survey is now closed, many thanks to everyone who has participated, we’re going through your responses now and will announce the winners shortly.

Any questions or clarifications about the survey? Let us know in the comments.

James Farmer

James Farmer CEO of Incsub, WPMU DEV, CampusPress & Edublogs