The Pop Over Plugin

The Pop Over Plugin

Introducing, for your promotional pleasure, The Pop Over Plugin, Hustle.

It’s one of the most effective ways to advertise your mailing list, special offer or to simply to show ads.

There’s plenty of data to back this up and we can confirm it…. with this very site!

The popover ad, for WPMU DEV runs on to search engine visitors who haven’t been here before – and in turn delivers visitors to WPMU DEV.

And the visitors it delivers look at double the number of pages and stay doubly as long as visitors that come via Adwords!

WordPress Pop Over Plugin
See no.13 vs. no. 17!

You can either use this plugin for all pages on your entire site, by placing it in /mu-plugins/, or allow each individual blog control over it by placing it in /plugins/ – it’s easy.

Once you’ve done that, it’s really simple, just activate it and visit Settings > Pop Overs.

Then paste in your ad code… whether its javascript or, like us, an image.

And select it’s size, borders, background color, position and even font color.

Popover settings

Then, set the display rules, namely:

Show the Pop Over if one of the following checked rules is true:

Visitor is not logged in.

  • Visitor has never commented here before.
  • Visitor came from a search engine.
  • Visitor did not come from an internal page.
  • Visitor referrer matches
  • And the visitor has seen the pop over less than  X  times

And you’re good to go!

Here it is in action:

Popover in action

And of course it even contains a link allowing users to click it and never see the popover again… just to take care of the complainers!

Not that we’ve ever had a single complaint!

You can download the WordPress / WPMU Popover plugin Hustle here.