The WordPress Community Summit Is A Great Idea

The WordPress Community Summit Is A Great Idea

You might’ve seen Jane Wells’ post about the WordPress community summit, and if not, well then you’re obviously not following @tdh on Twitter, which is a really really bad thing not to do, you know.

Yep. That’s my column, all self promotion and the like. Paid in chocolate kittens, remember?

Joking aside (right…), I think the WordPress community summit is a great idea. For those of you who find posts on to be scary, here’s the lowdown.

Wait. You find posts on scary? That’s just plain stupid, go read it, battle your phobia, then come back here.

Pretty nice huh? From core developer meetup, to something that sounds like a great opportunity to inject new ideas and point of views into the WordPress project. There is definitely a need for the core developers to be able to sit down and discuss things all by themselves, but just like regular human beings they are not all-knowing, without fault, or well-versed enough in the greatness of single malt whisky.

WordPress have come a long way, really. It is a great platform and I’m personally grateful to everyone who’s helped make it this wonderful over the years. That includes people I’ve had spats with, people who need to work on their manners, and people who are just plain nice. Sometimes I criticize and question these people, Automattic, the WordPress Foundation, and WordCamp Central, but I’m counting on that they all understand that this is just to point out flaws and make sure that I appear in better light.

Someone actually suggested that was the case. Yes, I was taken aback. Seriously? Then again, maybe it is just because these columns are published on, which some people have a hard time with, I don’t know and I don’t particularly care.

Obviously I want WordPress to thrive. Anything negative I say about the platform and/or the people and organization around it is because I want WordPress to thrive even more. To evolve even further. I think we all share that trait, at least I like to think so, although I know it is hardly true. But that’s OK, the open source spirit is optional.

This is why I’m thrilled to read about the WordPress community summit. It is a great opportunity to make sure that even more points of view are discussed with the core team. I’ll be sure to nominate people I think could help. The summit definitely need some Europeans to attend, because things are slightly different here and internationalization is way more important to us than to Americans for example. There should also be representatives from commercial theme and plugin businesses, because that’s a part of the ecosystem that we need to not only come to terms with but actually start think about how to handle.

I could go on but I won’t, because it is, well, the end of the column. Nominate people you think should be at the WordPress summit, do it now.

Did I mention you should nominate?



Om nom nom nom?


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