This Week in WordPress: Is WordPress Dependent on Jetpack?

This Week in WordPress: Is WordPress Dependent on Jetpack?

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Friday, January 23

Hero Worship?

HeroPress, a new community initiative designed to highlight WordPress “heroes,” wants to raise $60,000 to produce a series of videos. The project already has its critics.

Hexagone is a new theme shop aimed at the French-speaking WordPress community. WP Theming‘s Devin Price has partnership with French translation specialist Fx Benard on the project.And just a reminder: If you use the PageLines and Platform drag-and-drop themes, run an update ASAP. Sucuri has given a recent security vulnerability a DREAD score of 9/10.

Tick Tick Tick

Is there anything wrong with disabling comments on a post? Developer Tom McFarlin experiments.

If you’re putting together a new WordPress site, check out WP Mayor’s checklist of things you need to do.

On the WPMU DEV Blog, here are some awesome plugins to help you communicate better with your users.

And some affiliate marketing plugins to help monetize your site over at WP Mayor.

Weekend Projects

Make Your Website Contact Pages More Useful With A Big Contact Page (Pagely).

Information Architecture with WordPress: Tips And Tools To Use (Elegant Themes).

Reactor Development: Embedded Webpage (AppPresser).

Checking Plugin Activation Status on Multisite Networks (WebDevStudios).

How To: Create Internal Linking Structures in WordPress to Improve Your On-Site SEO (WP Lift).

All About That Database: How to Use phpMyAdmin for WordPress (Torque).

Writing Documentation for Your WordPress Theme Framework (tuts+).

Build Your Own T-Shirt Shop With the Spreadshirt WordPress Plugin (tuts+).

Scaling the Backend

There’s a Medium post doing the rounds about how PAPER Magazine’s web engineers scaled their backend for Kim Kardashian’s backend. Matt Mullenweg says if the site was hosted at VIP it would have been a very different story.

All the best for an awesome Friday and a cracking weekend.

Monday, January 26

Pressing the Wrong Buttons

Pressable has been hit by yet another outage, this time a coordinated attack on its systems. The managed web host has been struggling to hold onto customers in recent weeks.

WooCommerce Subscriptions was the company’s most popular product of 2014. Check out the top 10.

CodeInWP compares Wix, Squarespace, Virb, Weebly and WordPress theme builders. Hefty task.

Elegant Themes takes an in-depth look at the upcoming WordPress front-end editor and what to expect.

And here’s Torque’s take on why need to use a staging environment when creating new WordPress sites.


Acknowledge Me is a new plugin that makes it easy to output contributors for any GitHub repository onto a WordPress post or page.

In case you ever needed one, here are three plugins for chess sites at WP Solver.

WP Mayor highlights the top 10 free themes released this month.

Keep it Clean

How to Let Users Login to WordPress Using an Email Address (WPMU DEV).

Keeping Plugins Clean: Using Activate, Deactivate and Uninstall Hooks (WPMU DEV).

How to Add Post Filters to Your WordPress Site (WPMU DEV).

WordPress Sticky Posts: How to Use & Style Them (Elegant Themes).

How To Post By Email With WordPress (Elegant Themes).

Change Sortable Columns In WordPress (Paul Underwood).

Creating Your WordPress Knowledge Base’s Front End (tuts+).

Excuses, Excuses

Completely irrelevant, but fun all the same: Abstruse Goose is a fun comic about maths, science and geek culture.

Lastly, if you’re unhappy at work, here’s a cool video by The School of Life to put it into perspective.

All the best for a fantabulous Monday.

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Tuesday, January 27

Ripped Off is running a poll to find out what features people would like in the new Community Hub. It will essentially be a directory listing of WordPress user groups. The survey closes on January 29.

Post Status’ Brian Krogsgard gives Pressnomic a big thumbs up and says he got more than he paid for at the conference held last weekend.

ManageWP has launched Orion, it’s a new WordPress management system. For now, it’s invite-only.

Developer Andrew Norcross loves WordPress so much he got the logo tattooed on his arm.

WP Chat, a relatively new WordPress forum, hosted an AMA with Justin Tadlock, the brains behind Theme Hybrid. The theme shop is one of the oldest in business.

In this week’s episode of WPwatercooler, Jason Tucker and guests talk about plugins and free and paid services to help with website performance.

Mastering WordPress

On the WPMU DEV Blog, we review the Envira Gallery plugin (and think it’s pretty cool).

WP Kube takes a look at some of the best analytics plugins for WordPress.

Elegant Theme offers some tips on using web fonts.

If you’re looking to master WordPress, Torque has 48 resources to take you from newbie to pro.

Over at Pagely, find out how to create custom page layouts for free with Beaver Builder.

Switch it Up

How To Optimize Images For WordPress, A Complete Guide (WP Explorer).

How To Find Posts Without Meta Data (Tom McFarlin).

Dynamically Adding Four Footer Widget Areas (tuts+).

Integrating WooCommerce with Visual Composer (Envato Market Blog).

It’s Freezing Out

If you’re holed up indoors during the snowy weather, here’s a long-form read for you that uses beautiful design (though it’s not exactly an uplifting story): Snow Fall by the New York Times.

Parity is a great numbers game if you love to procrastinate.

And the Oatmeal’s guide to buying selfie sticks.

All the best for a cool Tuesday.

Wednesday, January 28

Joined at the Hip

“If WordPress is dependent on Jetpack to continue building its market share to 50%, then the software’s future is inextricably tied to Automattic’s continued success.” Matt Mullenweg ruffled a few feathers at the Pressnomics conference last weekend when he stated that “In the absence of Jetpack, I believe WordPress would be declining.” Sarah Gooding at WP Tavern takes a look at how important Jetpack is in helping WordPress reach 50% market share.

WooCommerce is targeting photographers with its latest extension, which is designed to make selling and buying photos online an easy process. Post Status’ Brian Krogsgard says its a good move for WooThemes, but WooThemes have made a feature that’s not yet ready for your everyday photographer.

This week’s episode of KitchenSinkWP features Matt Mullenweg, who talks about WordPress 4.2, the possible location of WordCamp US, and his favorite apps.

WP Engine has alerted its customer to a new security vulnerability nicknamed “GHOST,” which the managed web host is working to resolve.

Developer Goodies

You’ve probably heard about the new user features in WordPress 4.1, but have you heard about the goodies for developers? ThemeShaper looks at the updates to post pagination, auto-generated title tags, and other cool stuff.

if you’ve tried to buy something online using your mobile phone, chances are you gave up (or didn’t bother trying in the first place) and you’ll sympathize with Chris Lema from Crowd Favorite, who lists his mobile eCommerce wish list.

Twenty Fifteen is lovely as it is, but customizing it is probably a good idea if you don’t want your site to look like every other site using the default theme. A few customizations are featured on the blog.

And WebDesignerDepot offers a few tips on how to boost your personal brand as a designer, though the tips could easily transfer to developers (stuff like don’t be a doormat and the need to be courageous).

Cherry Ripe

The Duplicate Post plugin lets you copy/clone an existing page or post to a new page or post.

Weblogger checks out polling plugins to help you engage with your users.

And here are 10+ themes for DJs, if you happen to have any clients who are DJs.

Hackety Hack

How to Use SSL and HTTPS with WordPress (WPMU DEV).

How To Create Column Layouts In WordPress (WPMU DEV).

Create a Filterable Portfolio with WordPress and Jetpack (WebDevStudios).

Digital Nomad

“I traveled to 45 cities in 20 countries, 3 Disneylands, and 1 bunny island. I also worked 50 hours a week building and launching a startup. And my total costs were less than just the rent in San Francisco.” Self-described digital nomad Jay Meistrich ditched Silicon Valley and built a startup while traveling to 20 countries.

All the best for a thoughtful and productive Wednesday.

Thursday, January 29

Chit Chat

There’s been a lot of chatter about Pressnomics since last weekend. WP Tavern’s Jeff Chandler gives his take on the conference and its impact on the WordPress business community.

GenerateWP is celebrating its second birthday by introducing custom code snippets, which will allow users to save their snippets in a public and/or private library. The site lets you create custom code for your WordPress project using the latest coding standards and APIs.

Pressable’s outage last week was due to a variant of the “Slow-Loris” attack. The web host worked with security professionals to get the attack under control and says all systems are now operational.

This week’s episode of Dradcast features WordPress for Dummies author and WebDevStudios co-owner Lisa Sabin-Wilson.

And if you missed it, Thank a Plugin Author Day was January 28. It’s not too late to thank the author/s of your favorite plugin. Just visit the author’s site, find their contact form, and drop them a note saying thank you.

Timeless Design

Is there such a thing as a timeless WordPress theme design? Developer Tom McFarlin thinks aloud in his latest post.

Torque lists some sites where you can learn web development for free, including Codecademy and Udacity.

Chris Lema from Crowd Favorite shares some of his story and how it fits with WordPress in a looong video from WordCamp Grand Rapids last year.

We hear a lot about American web hosts like Go Daddy and Bluehost, but what about Asian ones? WP Mayor reviews ZhuJi91, a Chinese web host.

Are you underpaid as a developer? On the Envato blog, developer Alex Parker looks at a real-life case study and offers some advice to other developers about what to do if you feel like you’re being gypped.

Pick and Choose

Why is it so hard finding the perfect theme when there are thousands available? Hongkiat has some tips for choosing the right theme. has packaged a dozen plugins with the latest release of its popular X theme, which is kinda controversial…

Lastly, Elegant Themes looks at some practical ways you can improve your Facebook post-performance.

Better UX

10+ Best Multisite Plugins for a Better User Experience (WPMU DEV).

Import and Archive Your Tweets With WordPress (tuts+).

The Complete Guide to Setting Up Gravatar with WordPress (WP Kube).

Detecting a Large Multisite Network in WordPress (Brad Williams).

I’ll Be Back

Slack will soon be getting voice, video and screen sharing. The team communication platform has bought out  Screenhero, a collaborative screen sharing service.

And for the programming nerds out here, ArnoldC is a new language based on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s one-liners.

All the best for a great Thursday.