This Week in WordPress: Five for the Future Expands, Burnout, and Black Friday Deals

This Week in WordPress: Five for the Future Expands, Burnout, and Black Friday Deals

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The WhiP Newsletter #132 – Monday, November 24

Hello dear reader,

High Five

WebDevStudios has answered Matt Mullenweg’s Five for the Future challenge. Each person at the web development agency has begun spending two hours a week contributing to WordPress core. Nice work!

Security firm Fox-IT is warning WordPress users about CryptoPHP, a threat that uses backdoored themes and plugins to compromise web servers. WordFence also has a run down on what the security threat is all about.

WordPress 4.0.1 has exposed bad development practices used in some plugins, such as Cool Video Gallery, which broke because of the way it handles custom shortcode attribute parsing instead of using the Shortcode API built into WordPress.

WordPress 4.1, which is due out next month, will remove the custom background and header screens in the admin.

The latest episode of WPWeekly features WP101’s Shawn Hesketh, as well as chat about WordPress 4.1 beta 1, the delay of Composer by SIDEKICK, and a revamped WP eCommerce plugin.

CyberChimps is looking for investors. The company is behind Responsive, one of the most popular themes in the WordPress Theme Repository.


Burnout. Most of us have been there. Writer Siobhan McKeown tackles burnout in free software communities in a helpful post for anyone who’s struggling.

Thinking about building a plugin? Chris Lema wants you to put it up on GitHub. While that may seem a bit scary for a first timer, he reckons you may attract some folks who are jerks, but by far most of the folks out there are looking to help.

If you don’t include developers in your design process, Smashing Magazine argues that you should.

The WooThemes team met up in San Francisco recently where they boozed, cruised and enjoyed a Ninjathon.

Booster Shot

Boost engagement on your website with comment, polling, form and other plugins reviewed at WP Explorer.

The Hierarchy plugin lets you move custom post type admin menus into your pages list. While this plugin has been around for a while, version 1.0 was only recently released.

And Webloggerz lists 37 photography themes (why do so many photography themes feature scantily clad women? Seriously, it’s gross.)


The Secrets to Writing WordPress Posts That Convert (WPMU DEV).

Make Your Images POP With Super Easy and Sexy CSS Styling (WPMU DEV).

Make Your WordPress Site BuddyPress-Ready (WPMU DEV).

How To Embed YouTube Videos In WordPress (Elegant Themes).

Social Media Marketing Strategy Essentials (Elegant Themes).

Lessons Learned Blogging As A Freelance Writer (Elegant Themes).

How to Move or Backup Your Website with the WordPress Duplicator Plugin(WP Kube).

Webinar Replay: How to Get Started With BackupBuddy (iThemes).

50 Filters of WordPress: Filters 41-50 (tuts+).


An oldie, but a goodie: A couple of scientists sent off their appropriately titled science paper “Get Me Off Your Fucking Mailing List” to the International Journal of Advanced Computer Technology for publication… and it was accepted.

All the best for an awesome Monday.

The WhiP Newsletter #133 – Tuesday, November 25

Hello dear reader,

Design Challenge

The Theme Review Team has announced a Design Challenge Weekend aimed at inspiring designers and developers. The December 13-14 challenge will also aim to raise the standard of themes in the repository, match up developers to designers, and offer resources for designers learning to make themes.

It’s almost Thanksgiving and you know what that means. Deals! WP Mayor has put together a great round-up so some of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals that some WordPress companies have already announced.

BuddyPress developers and contributors are working on a new Member Type API for the upcoming release of version 2.2. The new API would allow developers to separate users into different types, a common request for many BuddyPress-powered communities.

In the latest episode of WPwatercooler, host Jason Tucker talks to a whole bunch of people, including Automattic developer John Blackbourn and WebDevStudios developer and designer Suzette Franck, about what’s to come in WordPress 4.1.

Securi’s CTO Daniel Cid offers some advice on how to protect against unknown software vulnerabilities after the XSS vulnerability and last week’s WordPress security release.

A Whole Lotta Love

When the Twenty Fourteen theme came out, people either loved it or hated it. With Twenty Fifteen set to drop next month, it’s already getting a lot of love and we love it, too.

Magazine themes for WordPress are popular. After all, the Twenty Fourteen theme is a magazine theme. On the Envato Market Blog, designer Jake Rocheleau goes over some typical design trends for online magazines, such as mixed content styles and fullpage sliders.

Webloggerz recently switched to Siteground and give the web host a decent plug in their latest post.


WooThemes launched its Storefront default theme for WooCommerce last week. WP Tavern’s Sarah Gooding puts the themes through its paces.

WP Explorer takes a look at what they consider to be the best review plugins for WordPress.

Lastly, WP Lift spruiks BootstrapWP, an online course for learning how to create a WordPress Theme.

The Final Countdown

15 Must-Have WordPress Multiauthor Plugins (WPMU DEV).

How To Use WordPress As A CRM (Elegant Themes).

Using the Shopify API with WordPress (Sitepoint).

Securing WordPress with Plugins: 18 Ways (WP Solver).

50 Filters of WordPress: Series Finale (tuts+).

Migrating WordPress Database To A New Server (Paul Underwood).

Giant Piece of [email protected]#$

“I try to instill this into the rest of the team but certainly I feel that what we have right now is just a giant piece of shit. Like, it’s just terrible and we should be humiliated that we offer this to the public. Not everyone finds that motivational, though.” Slack’s CEO Stewart Butterfield talks to MIT Technology Review about why his software – which has raised $163 million in venture capital – sucks.

It’s almost Thanksgiving! Not to dampen your holiday spirit, but turkeys are bigger and sicker than they used to be.

All the best for a terrific Tuesday.

The WhiP Newsletter #134 – Wednesday, November 26

Hello dear reader,

Let’s Be Thankful

Get your credit cards ready because Black Friday is almost here! WP Lift have a great round-up of Thanksgiving deals, as does WP Kube. Some of the biggest deals of the year will be available this weekend on many WordPress sites so keep an eye out.

“Belgrade is now a growing center for information technology in Eastern Europe. In 2013, Serbia’s IT industry growth outpaced the rest of the economy by nearly 200%. It’s no surprise then that the WordPress community in Serbia is growing in tandem and bursting at the seams. While a small country in the Balkan Peninsula may seem like an unlikely place for a thriving WordPress community, conditions are now ripe for the very first WordCamp Belgrade.” WP Tavern’s Sarah Gooding on Serbia’s growing WordPress community.

“One thing we heard over and over was that people within the community wanted to learn more about business, but WordCamp just wasn’t the place to get in-depth with those types of discussion.” Torque talks to Kiko Doran about the upcoming Prestige Conference in Las Vegas on February 27-28.

WP Tavern’s Jeff Chandler writes about six things in WordPress he’s thankful for.

Just Do It

Do It With WordPress’ Dave Clements laments the demise of post formats and hopes they will come back someday.

Combell support engineer Brecht Ryckaert has launched WordPress Security 101: How to secure your website against hackers, an eBook on Amazon.

Sucuri’s Alycia Mitchell writes about being schooled in security after joining the security service as a content coordinator. It’s a handy reminder that we shouldn’t be complacent about securing our websites, no matter how much we think we know about security.

iThemes have announced a rundown of what their upcoming WordPress Developer Course. The five-day event covers everything you need to know to take a site from idea to launch.

Lastly, the folks at WooThemes wax lyrical about what it meant for them to host their first WooCommerce conference. Queue the warm and fuzzies!

Career Boost

There are so many resources available for learning WordPress, the only problem is knowing where to get started. So we’ve put together an epic post containing 200+ career-boosting resources (WPMU DEV).

If you automatically close comments on older posts but would like to make exceptions, the Override Comment Deadline plugin allows you to do just that (WP Tavern).

And over at WP Squared, 15+ themes for financial companies.

Final Countdown

Why You Should Use WordPress Countdown Plugins (Elegant Themes).

Organizing Your WordPress Plugins (WP Mayor).

Login To WordPress With Email Address (Paul Underwood).

A Guide on Using iThemes Security Plugin Efficiently (Webloggerz).

Deciding How to Develop Your WordPress Theme Framework (tuts+).

Young Einstein

“…Programmers work at night because it doesn’t impose a time limit on when you have to stop working, which gives you a more relaxed approach, your brain doesn’t keep looking for distractions and a bright screen keeps you awake.” Makes sense, right? Developer Swizec Teller explains why programmers are more often than not creatures of the night.

“He is history’s youngest astrophysics researcher, has spoken at a New York TED (Technology, Entertainment & Design) conference, and appeared on a variety of news interviews, including 60 Minutes and the Time magazine website. Not bad for someone who was classified by state experts as so severely disabled that he would never tie his own shoes or learn to read.” The story of Jacob Barnett, who has an IQ of 170 – higher than that of Einstein.

All the best for a wonderful Thanksgiving and a relaxing weekend. We’ll see you again on Monday.