This Would Make Me Blog More

This Would Make Me Blog More

You know what would make me blog more? Not here perhaps (they can’t afford me) but overall?

I’d like to be able to blog on the go.

“Hang on there chum, you can!”

Yes, there are apps, official ones as well as third party options. Some are great, others are downright awful. I use a few, the official one for iPhone and iPad, combined with Blogsy which had a weird thing going on with the rendered HTML code but got its shit together somewhere down the line, sort of.

I like these apps. I don’t love them yet, because they are way to simple compared to what I can do in the web interface on my desktop.

Until the apps work with custom post types and custom taxonomies, until they work with post metadata, until they have support for post formats, they are just not good enough for me. I still use them, but knowing that I have to login to the web interface to tweak stuff is a downer put simply. It makes me not want to blog on the go.

And I want to blog on the go. You see, most of my writing isn’t done from the office, not even from my home. I write at coffee shops (ironically!) and on trains, I write whenever I feel like it, and usually that means I’m carrying my iPhone and/or iPad.

Please give me an app that lets me blog from the shitter. Post-haste please, because I got to go. Like, now…

Photo by Pascal (CC)