Is WordPress Ready For A ChatRoom Revival? Tokkster Says Yes!

Is WordPress Ready For A ChatRoom Revival? Tokkster Says Yes!

Is WordPress Ready For A ChatRoom Revival? Tokkster Says Yes!I have fond memories of chat rooms. Back when I first got online in the late 90s, they were all the rage. I would login to AOL and chat for hours with complete strangers. Such was the excitement of the internet.

But chat rooms have gone the way of the dodo, right? The age of engaging with complete strangers online is dead to most. Whilst Facebook and Gmail chat thrive, those communication mediums are based entirely upon you knowing the person on the other end of the line.

Enter Tokkster

But one small Israeli startup has big ambitions for transforming our browsing experience. Their vision is to “make web browsing social”.

So is this yet another company jumping on the social media bandwagon? Well, not quite. Tokkster is offering something a little different to the Facebooks and Twitters of this world. The Tokkster platform allows website visitors to chat with other visitors to the same site, in real time. Think of it as realtime blog commenting, with greater interaction.

The idea is that this platform spreads across the majority of the internet – that everywhere you go on the internet, there will be a Tokkster chat room waiting for you.

An Interesting Concept, But…

I can see how this could be a cool idea on certain websites – especially on those where there is a strong community spirit. It could potentially make websites like Yahoo! Answers redundant. The potential applications are far-ranging – from bloggers looking to reach out to their audience, to corporate sites providing instant customer support.

But Tokkster gaining any kind of traction relies entirely upon how many people want to use it, in addition to its scale of implementation. Whilst it seems to be gaining quite a bit of traction (with recent mentions on various influential sites), ultimately it is up to the people who decide whether or not Tokkster takes off.

Would You Use Tokkster?

Is Tokkster something you would welcome seeing on a website? It it something you would implement on your own WordPress site? Give us your thoughts in the comments section!