Show Some Love to Your Readers With a ‘Top Commenters’ Widget

Show Some Love to Your Readers With a ‘Top Commenters’ Widget

Show the top commenters on your WordPress siteThe Top Commentator widget – written by Webgrrrl – does pretty much what the name suggests.

It displays a list of the top contributors to your blog discussions, ranked by total comment count, along with their gravatar and a hyperlink back to their own URL.

You can place the list in any widgetized area of your WordPress site.

All settings can be configured in the widget control panel, such as how many commenter names are displayed, and how often the list refreshes. You can also filter specified email addresses and URLs to keep undesirables off the list.

Show who are your top commenters in WordPress

Another cool option is to set an award icon that displays next to the name once someone reaches a certain number of comments.

Display your top comments on your WordPress blog

The Top Commentator plugin is an easy way to foster a sense of community on your blog and reward people for participating in your discussions. Download it for free from the WordPress plugin directory.

Image credit: Winner’s Podium from Bigstockphoto.