Tweet Archived WordPress Posts and Boost Traffic to Your Site

Tweet Archived WordPress Posts and Boost Traffic to Your Site

We have published a helluva lot of posts on the WPMU DEV, more than 4000 in fact. With a daily post schedule, we are constantly coming up with new articles to write about to help you, our dear readers, make the most of WordPress.

The only problem is, it can become somewhat disheartening when I’ve spent hours carefully crafting a post, it’s published, and then it’s quickly lost amongst the deluge of WordPress blogs articles pumped out in the internet each day never to be commented on again.

So how do you get around his? How can you bring back posts from your archive graveyard so they can again enjoy their 15 minutes of fame?

In today’s Weekend WordPress Project, we’ll look at scheduling and tweeting archived posts – and how it can dramatically boost traffic to your site from social media platforms like Twitter.

Evergreen Post Tweeter
Revive your old posts with the Evergreen Post Tweeter.

Tweeting Archived WordPress Posts

A few months ago I decided to experiment with our tweeting schedule on the WPMU DEV Twitter account. Previously, we were tweeting once a day and it was usually an automatic tweet whenever a post was published. Our support team was also replying to people who tweeted us, but we weren’t posting many of our articles from the blog.

Basically, we were neglecting our Twitter account.

So I upped the ante. I started tweeting some of our older posts from the past year at three hours intervals. I also tweeted our most recent posts more frequently and included links from The WhiP.

It made a massive difference. Traffic to our site from Twitter jumped by 30 per cent. Moreover, our posts were getting a second chance at exposure and comments to our blog increase.

The only problem was manually scheduling tweets was time consuming and, let’s face it, boring. It was time to find a solution.

The Evergreen Post Tweeter

After some searching and testing, I came across the Evergreen Post Tweeter plugin.

The plugin, created by former WPMU DEV writer Tom Ewer, lets you schedule and automatically tweet out links to old posts on your site.

The concept behind the plugin is simple: periodically tweet our old posts from your site that is “evergreen” content, i.e. posts that are an relevant today as they were when they were first published.

In Tom’s case, the plugin helped increase Twitter referrals to his site by about 250 per cent.

Increased Twitter traffic
Tweet “evergreen” content from your site and boost traffic to your site from social media.

The plugin is easy to install. Just activate it and go to your settings (Settings > Evergreen Post Tweeter). You’ll then need to sign into Twitter so the plugin can access your account.

The settings are fairly straightforward. You can choose the minimum and maximum age of posts you want to tweet, any categories/tags you want to specify and whether you want to shorten URLs.

Evergreen Post Tweeter
Evergreen Post Tweeter settings.

Once you save the settings, the plugin will then tweet your posts randomly. So if you want to tweet your old posts from the past year, but not from the past week, and only on weekdays at 8am, you can do just that.

As the analytics screenshot included above shows, tweeting older posts can have a beneficial impact on your traffic.

The plugin includes various settings that allow you to:

  • Schedule by day and time
  • Tweet out posts and/or page
  • Filter posts to be tweeted by category and/or tag
  • Choose from a selection of URL shorteners
  • Add extra text to tweets

What I like about this plugin is the ability to schedule tweets to go out at specific times on certain days. There are similar plugins that only let you tweet at intervals, so you can’t pick times.

How often do you tweet content from your site? Tell us in the comments below.