Boost Blog Post Tweets by 25%+ with Easy Tweet Embed

Boost Blog Post Tweets by 25%+ with Easy Tweet Embed

Boost Blog Post Tweets by 25%+ with Easy Tweet EmbedThey said I couldn’t do it.

They told me I was a writer – not a programmer. I couldn’t even dream of having a plugin hosted on the Plugins Directory.

But they didn’t know of the fire that burned inside me – an intense desire to become a published plugin developer.

Okay – so none of the above is true. No one knew that I wanted to develop plugins, neither would they care if they did. But even so, I was faced with a bit of a stumbling block in my quest to create plugins – I don’t know how to code in PHP.

Fortunately, I was able to enlist the free services of one of my blog’s readers, and we were good to go. The end result is Easy Tweet Embed.

What Does It Do?

In a nutshell, Easy Tweet Embed provides you with a quick and easy way of embedding pre-populated tweets in your blog posts. Like this.

I regularly use embedded tweets like these on my blog, and they really do work – especially if you can think of something particularly interesting for people to tweet. I think it combats “sharing blindness” by placing the option to share directly within the content. If you combine that with a direct call to action (e.g. “tweet this!”), you will see a lot more people sharing your content.

This tactic seems to have started attracting a bit of “mainstream” attention, with blogs such as Smart Passive Income adopting it with great success (the first time an embedded tweet was used on that blog, it attracted 800 clicks).

Using the plugin is easy enough – just click the ETE button on the visual editor:

Easy Tweet Embed

Then you can create the anchor text, as well as the pre-populated tweet. As you can see, there is an option to insert the post’s permalink within the tweet (which is rather vital if you want to drive traffic to the post):

Easy Tweet Embed

When you click on “Insert Tweet”, you’ll see the link in your visual editor:

Easy Tweet Embed

And here’s what shows up when the link is clicked:

Easy Tweet Embed

That’s it! Simple, yet effective, Easy Tweet Embed represents another way in which you can boost the reach of your blog posts, with no downside.

Download Easy Tweet Embed.

Creative Commons image courtesy of wonderferret