Integrate Blog Comments and Twitter, Ninja Style

Integrate Blog Comments and Twitter, Ninja Style

Integrate Blog Comments and Twitter, Ninja StyleWhen you are first starting out as a blogger, it can be tough to see a mere trickle of comments come into your site. You spend all of that time and effort in crafting perfect blog posts, and it seems that no one is willing to give you the time of day.

We all know that social media can be a great way of pushing people to your blog, so wouldn’t it be great if your could integrate those two worlds for maximum benefit?

Enter the imaginatively named Twitter Mentions as Comments. This plugin will rather cleverly extract tweets relating to specific posts and place them within the comments section. Not only that, it integrates with the WordPress commenting system – allowing you to moderate the tweets as necessary.

This all goes on in the background, so all you need to worry about is dealing with the Twitter comments as you would any other on your blog.

The plugin has been thoughtfully developed and has some pretty neat features:

  • It fetches the Twitter user’s full name and profile picture
  • You can exclude re-tweets
  • Store tweets as trackbacks/pingbacks

Twitter Mentions as Comments is under active development and there are additional features planned for future releases.

Download it here.

Creative Commons photo courtesy of R’eyes

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