WordPress for Universities and Higher Ed

WordPress for Universities and Higher Ed

It is no secret that WordPress is everywhere, and that includes a growing presence in the land of academia.

Colleges and universities are leveraging the power and flexibility of WordPress for everything from the main university website, to course blogs, student portfolios, faculty sites, and more.

The very same team behind this blog and WPMU DEV also run Edublogs – the most popular managed hosting WordPress solution for schools and universities around the world.

In fact, WPMU DEV was born because we were building plugins and tools for Edublogs and people kept asking us for them!

If you are in higher ed, here’s a list of resources and links you definitely don’t want to miss…

Community Resources

First up, this large mailing list is made up of a good number of faculty and school administrators that use WordPress.

Subscribe here or browse the archives to get an idea of the topics discussed.

You’ll also want to be sure to check out the WordPress.org Education Showcase – which includes tons of examples of schools and universities using WordPress.

The Journal of Higher Education Web Professionals has published several posts on WordPress. This year’s HigherEdWeb Conference also includes at least a couple of sessions that feature topics on WordPress themes and management.

Example Networks

Take a look at these sites – all hosted by Edublogs – for just a taste of the many ways that WordPress is being used:

Edublogs – Expert WordPress Multisite Hosting

If you are running WordPress, then you’ll want the Edublogs team to be hosting it for you.

Dozens of schools with existing WordPress Multisites have migrated to Edublogs – and they always choose us (and stay with us) because they find that we save them money, time, and headaches.

We handle all hosting, upgrades, maintenance, SSO authentication (Shibboleth, CAS, SAML, LDAP, etc.), and provide support. All on our enterprise network that scales, is lightening fast, and secure.

Plus, sites come pre-loaded with 100+ themes and dozens of plugins from the experts here at WPMU DEV.

You can brand it at your own domain, use custom themes, and so much more.

Trying Edublogs Campus for Free!

We’ll even set you up with a fully working and live network to try us out for free. We’ll help you out with pilots and proof of concept studies before you commit.

Just check us out and then  get in touch with us here – we’ll have you up and running in no time.