What Do You Do With a WordPress Plugin That’s No Longer Being Updated?

What Do You Do With a WordPress Plugin That’s No Longer Being Updated?

The latest installment of our WordPress Q & A Sessions is about older plugins and what you should do with them.

Updating old WordPress plugins by yourself, when the developer doesn't
Is this . . . the end?

Today’s question comes from Katrina, a WPMU reader and owner of the site Kat’s Cafe. She asks . . .

How should one deal with an older (but much-loved) plugin that is no longer being updated by the developer? Should you simply uninstall it and find a replacement? Or should you try to do some updating yourself?

What’s the safest way to tweak a plugin, without putting your site at risk?


This is a dilemma that most WordPress users have faced at least once or twice. When a plugin has been abandoned by its developer, do you uninstall and say goodbye, or take matters into your own hands?

Tell us – how would you approach this situation? Can you offer Katrina any advice? Have you ever tweaked or customized one of your WordPress plugins? Please leave a comment at the end of this article and throw your two cents in.

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