Usernoise Modal Feedback: A Free WordPress Contact Form That Just Works

Usernoise Modal Feedback: A Free WordPress Contact Form That Just Works

WordPress sites are always in need of a good contact form. Are you looking for a feedback/contact form that works, right out of the box, with attractive aesthetics and a simple yet full-featured form? Look no further than the free Usernoise Modal Feedback Contact Form plugin.

Why Usernoise?

For starters, if you don’t have a contact form of some kind on your website, you are missing out on an integral tool for evaluating your site’s performance: user feedback. Also, Usernoise is robust and effective, so simple to use that it promises you will not need to change even one line of code in your site.

Simply put, Usernoise “just works.”

Just upload and activate. You don’t even need to adjust the settings unless you want to change its colors or disable extra fields such as feedback type and title. Usernoise is ready to go out of the box. Plus, it looks great! Since its release last month, it has been downloaded nearly 1500 times and received ten 5-star ratings. Here’s what it looks like:

Install this simple, free plugin and you’ll have an ajax feedback form that will let your visitors submit ideas, problems, questions or praise. Notifications of new messages pop up right in your admin navigation bar, making it simple and convenient to stay up to date on what your visitors are thinking.

Usernoise also records all of the messages submitted through your site:

Options include the ability to change the form and button content easily from within the admin area, the ability to disable fields that you don’t need, and support across IE7, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Safari on iPad. The flexible typography feature even causes the text to automatically match your site’s style.

What about spam?

The Usernoise contact form is virtually spam-proof. This is the beauty of having a modal contact form. The form is not visible to robots because it is loaded with ajax when the page is loaded and therefore the bots don’t see it.

Giving your readers a chance to provide feedback is not just a decent idea. It’s an absolute necessity. A contact form can let you know what’s working, what isn’t working, what people love, what people are curious about, and what people really don’t like about your web presence. If your WordPress site lacks a solid contact point for gleaning valuable communication from your readers, install the Usernoise plugin today and see how easy it can really be to strike up a conversation.