You be the jury, we’ll be the judge :)

You be the jury, we’ll be the judge :)

Hallo readers,

Over the next few weeks we’re going to be featuring a whole new bunch of posts from new writers… who have expressed an interest in joining the crew here.

And, it’s up to you guys and gals who works out… you are the panel!

Pick your favorite, and be nice :)

What’ll we be judging these new posters on, well:

  • Quality, interesting, relevant topics – so if you like a post, share it, click on it (that’s you RSS readers out there :) and let us know!
  • Engagement and comments – get stuck in there with articles that interest ya, we’ll be keeping a close eye on that
  • Great writing – of course… again, you can let us know how you like posts in the comments
  • Stats – duh :)

So, if you like or loathe something – don’t be backwards in coming forwards and letting us know!

And to all the folk posting… best of luck and may the best contributor(s) win…