What The FAQ?!

What The FAQ?!

It would seem some people get slightly upset on this world wide web thingy. Sometimes they even get upset with me, and spend their no doubt very valuable time commenting about how they are right and I am wrong.

This prompted me to write this FAQ, to clear up some things. Here we go!

Do you hate WordPress?
Obviously not, I’m writing for a WordPress site, I write books about WordPress, my web agency Odd Alice is focused on WordPress, and WordPress is pretty damn good!

Then why do you complain about WordPress all the time?
I don’t. I point out things that bother or annoy me, with the hope of a good discussion and the chance that something good coming out of it. If you read my columns you’ll notice that not all of them are negative, not every word is negative in the negative ones, and that I actually love this platform.

Do you hate Automattic, the WordPress core developers, the theme review theme, or WordCamp Central?
Uhm no, why would I?

Because you write at WPMU.org of course! Everybody knows that they’re evil!
Right, first of all: that’s not a question. Second, that’s just plain silly, why would WPMU.org and its writers hate any of them?

Because someone said it on Twitter!
Still not a question but I’ll let it slide. People are entitled to their own opinions and feelings you know. You’re starting to annoy me a bit, for example…

Your articles suck!
They’re not articles, they’re columns. Too bad you don’t like them, I will now stop writing altogether and cry in a corner.

I didn’t really mean that, though. Most of you probably got that, but I know there are some that just won’t. And you know what, I don’t give a shit, and neither should you should you get unpleasant comments from people who just want to act out or whatever. Haters’ gonna hate, so don’t bother with them.

Finally, here’s the thing: I don’t write to please everybody, I write opinionated columns. May contain traces of opinion, possibly not yours.

Meh, then your COLUMNS suck! They’re all posts anyway, you idiot!
Why don’t you post a comment about it? I’m sure we’re all anxious to hear what you think…

I like your columns, they’re funny. However maybe they should be marked up as columns and not posts, and possibly with “NSFW” as well?
Thank you. Did you hear that, Farmer?

Are you writing these questions yourself?
Yes and no, all of them (except this one) are based on actual conversations, questions and comments. I have some sort of journalistic trait within after all, despite this being a column and all.

I want you to go away and stop hogging the site! You still suck!
Take it up with The Farmer, which is what I’ll now call James Farmer. I hope it catches on, it is great fun imagining him as a land farming, err, farmer, but he could just as well be some sort of MMO gold farmer I guess. It doesn’t matter, he’s The Farmer.

The Farmer.

Yeah, I’ll stick with that one.