Which WordPress Development Camp Are You In?

Which WordPress Development Camp Are You In?

WordPress Camp

A few days ago, I asked what I thought was a simple question over at the WPMU DEV Facebook page: “What is your favorite WordPress theme?”

Consider the proverbial can of worms duly opened. The question can’t possibly be that simple, can it? Silly me. We have themes. And child themes. Oh, and let’s not forget frameworks.

Now I will be asking more specific questions on our Facebook page in the future, but the responses to my question got me to thinking about the different “types” of WordPress developers. Which camp are you in?

1. The “Plug and Players”

Plug & PlayOur first camp of WordPress enthusiasts are probably not experienced website designers, and are looking for a turnkey solution. They will find a theme, install it, and probably get on with content creation.

Tweaking will be minimal – ideally they may look for some kind of drag and drop solution. They may in fact hire someone to do the design for them.

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2. The “Tweakers”

A WPMU gold star for anyone that can make the connection...

Tweakers will take a theme that could probably be used straight out of the box, and apply their own tweaks.

They will probably use the custom.css and custom_functions.php files (or similar) to add extra bits and pieces to the theme. They will take an off the shelf option, and mess around with it until they have something that (a) suits their needs, and (b) looks unique.

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3. The “Frameworkers”

FrameworkThese guys and girls are the bravest of the brave. The true warriors. And definitely a little bit masochistic.

They will start off with a theme framework that offers very little beyond (you guessed it) a framework upon which content can sit. Hours or days later, they will emerge from their cove (all web designers work out of coves), bloody but victorious, having crafted something truly unique and customized to their specific needs.

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Hold Your Horses

Hold Your Horses
I didn't mean it literally...

I am waiting in anticipation of those of you who will say, “Wait a minute – I’m a Frameworker, but I use Headway”, or something similar. And you’re right – some of the themes (or frameworks) listed above can be used across the board. For instance, if a Plug and Player wasn’t interested in a design with any “flair”, they could easily use Thesis out of the box.

So don’t get too tied up with which theme I allocated to each camp (hell, I had to put them somewhere). But what I am interested to know from you is which camp you think you are in. Are you a Plug and Player, a Tweaker, or a full on Frameworker? And what theme or framework do you use? Let us know in the comments section!

Creative Commons photos courtesy of Connie, Andrew Larsen, James Wood & Robert Donovan