WHMCS and WordPress Integration Just Took a Giant Leap

WHMCS and WordPress Integration Just Took a Giant Leap

Ever thought about using WordPress to build your own web hosting company? There’s a lot of money to be made in web hosting – IF you can do it right. You’ll need a fully automated system that will enable you to multiply your business with ease. We’re excited to introduce you to just the tools you need to automate and run your own hosting company with WordPress as the command center.

A client management system is absolutely essential if you want to make money by providing hosting. WHMCS provides this specific software. If you haven’t ever used WHMCS then here’s a quick summary of what it does:

WHMCS is an all-in-one client management, billing & support solution for online businesses. Handling everything from signup to termination, WHMCS is a powerful business automation tool that puts you firmly in control.

Manage clients and support directly within WordPress

Our new WHMCS WP Integration plugin enables your clients to be able to open and manage tickets from your WordPress website, make new orders and search for domain names. All of this happens from the comfort of your WordPress dashboard.

Manage support tickets directly from your WordPress dashboard, instead of having to sign in to a third-party application.

WHMCS WP Integration essentially embeds your WHMCS installation right into your WordPress site, already styled and designed. You’ll also get widgets to use and a bunch of handy shortcodes for embedding the pages you need.

Run your own hosting company using WordPress Multisite

WHMCS MU Provisioning is a complimentary plugin to the WHMCS WP Integration plugin. It lets you provision websites directly from your WHMCS installation. That means that you can sell WordPress websites in your WordPress Multisite installation directly from WHMCS.

WHMCS MU Provisioning includes everything you need for managing and expanding your hosting business:

  • WHMCS Modules – Both WHMCS addons and WordPress plugin included.
  • Hosting Space – Set how much space each product should have in your WordPress Multisite.
  • Sub Domains – Offer subdomains direct from your WHMCS site.
  • Sub Directory – We also support subdirectory installs as well.
  • Sell Web Hosting – Sell hosting within your WordPress Multisite install.
  • Bill As You Like – Bill as you like through WHMCS, when they don’t pay their website will be closed down and archived until payment is made.
  • Terminate A Service – When you terminate a service in WHMCS, the website is also deleted in WordPress for you!
  • Domain Mapping – Sell domain names and have them mapped in for you with our Domain Mapping plugin!

We’re excited to present you with another set of plugins to help you make more money with your WordPress Multisite network. WHMCS WP Integration and WHMCS MU Provisioning are both available immediately from WPMU DEV. They are designed to work together seamlessly. Download them today to start building your own successful hosting business with WordPress.

Note: We no longer maintain or support these plugins (see this post for more info). You can, however, still download, use, and even develop these plugins further.