Ask a WordPress Question and Win a 3 Month WPMU DEV Membership!

Ask a WordPress Question and Win a 3 Month WPMU DEV Membership!

UPDATE: The competition is on again! Please check out the new article and submit your WordPress question there.

Win a free membership at WPMU DEV
It's winnin' time!

Every day this week we’ll be asking for questions from you – our dear readers – on anything to do with WordPress. The trickier the question, the better. Tell us about a WordPress problem that would like to have solved. Your question might be something to do with:

  • Style and design issues
  • WordPress theme development
  • Plugin development
  • WordPress hosting and server issues
  • Anything else about WP!

You name it – the only real criteria are that:

  1. Your question is directly related to WordPress (not general web design or blogging stuff).
  2. Your question is super-interesting and relevant for WP users.

At the end of each day, we’ll pick the most interesting question and publish it here on the blog the following morning. We then encourage everyone to discuss possible answers to the question, and we’ll get some professional input from the tech wizards at WPMU DEV too.

For every question that we publish here on, the author will receive a complimentary three month membership at WPMU DEV, valued at $159.

That’s three months of professional plugins, stunning themes and world-class support – and all you have to do is hit us with an engaging, thought-provoking question about WordPress.

Now if that ain’t a sweet deal, I don’t know what is.

Send us your WordPress question!

You have two options:

  1. Submit the question directly in the comment section below this article
  2. Email your question to us on the WPMU Contact Page

IMPORTANT: You MUST include your full name and a valid email address for your question to be considered. If we select your question for publication, we’ll need to contact you to to arrange your WPMU DEV membership.

Don’t send us a question with an answer – just the question is what we’re looking for. The answers will be discussed here at WPMU over the next several days.

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