WordPress 3.4 Release Candidate Now Available

WordPress 3.4 Release Candidate Now Available

WordPress has announced the first release candidate for WordPress Version 3.4.

A “release candidate” is the final test version before mainstream public release. In other words, the current release candidate is pretty much what the final version will look like. Unless some major surprises pop up, there is only the crossing of T’s and dotting of I’s at this stage.

In order to get the current release candidate, you can download the WordPress Beta Tester plugin or  download the release candidate (zip file).


A few highlights of what’s new follows (from the WordPress Codex):

  • Better experience searching for and choosing a theme with theme customizer and theme previewer
  • Improved Custom Headers with flexible sizes
  • Selecting Custom Header Images and Custom Background Images from Media Library Screen
  • Support HTML in image captions
  • Help Tabs improvments
  • Improve the Recent Comments dashboard widget performance on sites with large amounts of comments
  • Add new comment from post edit screen
  • Add Twitter.com as an oEmbed providers
  • Update the header and background Theme Features in Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven themes
  • Faster theme searching
  • Default to keyword searches for the theme installer
  • Contextual help updates
  • After adding a user, take them back to users.php with an ‘Edit user’ link in the message
  • Multisite: Add an “Edit Site” submenu to the admin bar site menu when a super admin visits a blog dashboard
  • Multisite: Autocomplete for add-user screens

You can see the full list of new features and functionality here.