WordPress 3.6 Update: It’s Done When It’s Done

WordPress 3.6 Update: It’s Done When It’s Done

It feels like it’s been forever since we last had an update on how work is going on the hotly anticipated release of WordPress 3.6.

But during a developer chat yesterday, lead core developer Andrew Nacin gave the first hint in weeks on where things are at: version 3.6 will be shipped “when it’s done.”

Andrew Nacin
Andrew Nacin is a lead developer for WordPress core.

“There is, very simply, still work to do,” Nacin said.

“No surprises like MP6 (I saw on Twitter) or anything like that.

“There will be a beta this week, promise.”

“There’s no new timeline because we just need to get things done and ship, and we don’t know how long that’ll take just yet.”

Nacin was responding to questions by WPTavern’s Jeff Chandler, and said he would work with lead developer Mark Jacquith to get a timeline up by Friday.

Originally, version 3.6 was planned for release on April 22, but that date came and went.

It’s been a month since the last beta was release and no doubt the core developers are up to their eyeballs in code, with WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg cracking the proverbial whip.

Despite talk the (top secret!) MP6 UI will be part of version 3.6, Helen Hou-Sandi, who is on the version 3.6 team leading work on post formats, told her Twitter followers yesterday it “absolutely will not.”

WordPress lead developers are up to their eyeballs in code and feeling the pressure of the delay of WordPress 3.6.

A new post formats UI was originally going to be a big feature of 3.6, but work on it was taking too long.

Lead developer Mark Jaquith announced on May 30 the UI would be stripped from core to live as a plugin. At the time he said there seemed to be a “fundamental issue with the concept” and the release of 3.6 “can’t be held up any longer for this. It needs to come out.”

MP6, which was announced this week as the new UI for WordPress.com, is expected to be part of WordPress 3.7.

So, there you have it. It looks like we will just have to sit on our hands and wait a bit longer for WordPress 3.6. And maybe even keep speculating on when it will be released…

If you were a betting person, what date would you say 3.6 is going to be shipped? Tell us in the comments below.

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