WordPress 3.7 Beta Testers Needed

WordPress 3.7 Beta Testers Needed

A new beta for the upcoming version of WordPress is out – and more testers are needed.

In a post at WordPress News, lead developer Andrew Nacin announced WordPress 3.7 Beta 2 was available for download and testing.


Nacin said it had been a “quiet beta period” since Beta 1 was released on September 30 and put a call out for help testing automatic background updates.

Testing is easy – just download and install Beta 2 and it will update each day to the latest development version and then email you the results.

If you find any bugs, you can post to the Alpha/Beta area in the WordPress support forums or file a bug report on WordPress Trac. Trac also lists any known bugs and issues that have been fixed.

WordPress 3.7 was originally scheduled for release today, though it looks like a release candidate might not be out until next week.

This upcoming release includes a bunch of new features:

  • Automatic background updates
  • Automatic languages updates
  • Stronger passwords
  • Search results ordered by relevance rather than date
  • Improved Date Arguments for WP_Query

For a full rundown on the features, check out WordPress 3.7 Beta Now Available.

What feature in WordPress 3.7 are you most looking forward to? Tell us in the comments below.

Image credits: Okko Pyykkö.