WordPress 3.7 Set For Release Any Day Now

WordPress 3.7 Set For Release Any Day Now

With WordPress 3.7 expected to be shipped in just a matter of days, the second release candidate has been made available for testing.

Lead developer Andrew Nacin posted at Make WordPress Core that RC2-25890 will be the last build of 3.7 before its release.

Automatic updates will be a key feature of WordPress 3.7.

Core developers are set to meet in IRC today at 10am EDT to “see if everything is a go”.

If you’re already testing WordPress 3.7, your install will have been already automatically updated to RC2 thanks to the release’s flagship feature, automatic updating.

For those who would like to start testing, try the WordPress Beta Tester plugin or download the release candidate.

Nacin has urged developers to test plugins and themes against the upcoming release for compatibility issues.

WordPress 3.7 was originally planned for release on October 14. WordPress 3.8 is expected to be shipped in December, with work on features as plugins already underway.

For a full rundown of WordPress 3.7’s feature, check out WordPress 3.7 Beta Now Available.

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Image credits: Heisenberg Media.