What To Expect In WordPress 4.0

What To Expect In WordPress 4.0

Here at WPMU.org we are waiting in excited anticipation for the release of WordPress 4.0. It doesn’t matter that 3.6 is just around the corner – 4.0 just can’t come soon enough!

So to help calm our nerves we’ve been speculating about what it will include and what we hope to see in this future version of WordPress.

Some of our predictions might seem a bit more, erm, unlikely than others, but hey, we’re allowed to have some fun and dream a little huh :)

Let us know your thoughts, and what you would like to see in WordPress 4.0 in the comments below.

Posting From Google Glass

Users will only be able to post from Google Glass – no more typing out epic posts or using your smartphone to upload a photo of today’s lunch at that restaurant you know your friends haven’t been to yet. In 4.0 you will need to focus your eyes on the options in the admin panel in order to navigate to the posts page from where you will say your post out loud.

Commuters on the train will love when you post your snarky asides and status updates about catching whiffs of BO while crammed into a carriage like a sardine! Aspirin for your eye strain headaches not included.

Google Glass on a Train
Posting to your blog with Google Glass during your daily commute will be easier than ever. Just pretend no one can hear you…

Jetpack Will Be Mandatory

Everyone loves Jetpack, right?! Our favorite super plugin will no longer be just a simple plugin in 4.0, but part of the core install! High five!

And if you would rather not use Jetpack (are you crazy??), you will have to submit a written request by registered post, including two forms of ID to Bluehost, to have it removed.


In his 2012 State of the Word address, Matt Mullenweg spoke about the ease and simplicity of Google Chrome’s auto-update feature and his desire for WordPress to also auto-update. We should expect to see this in a future version of WordPress. We could also see auto-updates for plugins and themes and users will have no choice in the matter.

Hello, Dolly!
Dolly Levi takes a trip to Yonkers and her music will drive you bonkers!

A Pro Version Of Hello, Dolly!

The pro version will automatically play everyone’s favourite show tunes when you login to your WordPress admin area and the best thing is it can never, ever be disabled. The perfect way to perk yourself up when you’re delving into theme code.

The Complete Tumblr-fication of WordPress

First there were the changes to post formats, and the eerily similar slogans and the striking similarities in how you browse blogs at WordPress.com. All of it was just a precursor to WordPress finally becoming Tumblr. Bloggers of the world rejoice!

New users who head to the Tumblr website will be automatically redirected to WordPress.com where they will not be able to close the page until they have signed up and written their first blog post declaring their love for WordPress.

Steve Burge spells out the similarities in his blog.

A Media Uploader To End All Media Uploaders

The media uploader will be so beautifully, elegantly and thoroughly designed that it won’t need to be touched for another four years!

Greater Customization of the Admin Sidebar

The ability to re-order the sidebar menu and drag ‘n’ drop  menu items without a plugin would be mighty useful. So too could be easier customization when it comes to being logged in versus logged out when viewing sites, viewing the front-end versus the back-end and a single click to add items.

Twenty Fifteen Will Not Just Be The Default Theme

There will be no more fussing about with customizing themes and tweaking code because Twenty Fifteen will be mandatory for all new WordPress installs.

Improvements to the Post Editor

How handy would it be to use the style sheet from your active theme in the visual post editor? It would save a lot of time previewing posts, that’s for sure.

WordPress 4.0 Will Be Named After Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong
WordPress won’t need to toot its own horn. Like Louis Armstrong, 4.0 will be recognised as the greatest. Period.

WordPress core developers share a love of jazz and all major releases are named in honour of their favourite jazz musicians. Louis Armstrong was recognised as one of the greatest musicians of all time, having played a major role in the creation of modern jazz.

WordPress 4.0 will be recognised as one of the greatest pieces of software of all time, and will have a major role in reinventing the Internet, so it’s only fitting it should be named after one of the greatest legends in jazz, Louis Armstrong.

New Default Usernames

Users failing to change the default username for their WordPress install to something other than “admin” has been a big problem for website security and a welcome invitation for nasty hackers.

In a bid to overcome this, users will need to select a user name that includes an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, a number, a letter from the Klingon alphabet, a hieroglyph and a drop of blood from a virgin or a vampire such as Bill Compton.

What do you think about our predictions? What do you reckon might be included in WP 4.0?

Credits: Wikimedia Commons