WordPress App Store, Really?

WordPress App Store, Really?

You know what I hate? That everything is an “app store” these days. Yeah I know, the shock of me getting to the point right away, huh? Shaking things up is all, and also I’m hungry as hell and that means I’m cranky, which in turn means that I want to get straight to the whining.

So, app stores and how everything is called an app store.

Like WP App Store, for example. I’m sorry, but that’s an awful name. Really.

Yes, people get it.

Yes, it has brand recognition per default.

Yes, whenever Apple or Microsoft or Amazon manages to get the rights to the word “app” you’ll be royally fucked.

This is why I’ll definitely stealth launch the WPMU.org App Store. You’ll be able to buy whatever, it doesn’t matter, this is the legal stranglehold I’ll use to make The Farmer pay me more than those bloody chocolate kittens. The AMA trio will be my sledgehammer, and all shall shake in fear.

Or maybe I’ll just have some dinner.

The point? That neither WordPress plugins nor themes are apps. They are in fact plugins and/or themes, which their actual names sort of hints at.

So there.

Finally, before someone completely freaks out because I haven’t been nice to anyone in this column, I wish WP App Store all the best. If nothing else, they’re definitely shaking things up, much as Renku might end up doing. I think we need to have that commercial WordPress directory talk again soon.

Now here’s a photo of a dog to brighten your day:

Photo by Tina Li (CC)