WordPress Apple App Gets Massive Update with iOS Version 3.1 Release

WordPress Apple App Gets Massive Update with iOS Version 3.1 Release

WordPress has spruced up their iOS app for Apple products (iphones, ipod touches, ipads) with one of their biggest updates ever.

Perhaps the most significant update is to the user interface, where you’ll notice new sliding panels, new graphics, and colors.

Below are a few images from the announcement of the release.

Here are some of the specific features that Version 3.1 has added.

  • Sidebars – The sidebars are now a major form of navigation for the app. Tap the menu button or swipe the navigation bar, and the sidebar is revealed. From there, you have easy access to buttons for all parts of your installation.
  • iPad Panels – iPad Panels allow you to resize and reorganize your content to suit your needs. You can even get rid of panels to make for an even simpler interface.
  • iPad Post Preview – iPad-specific preview of posts.
  • Post Format Support – You can now choose post formats that your theme supports.
  • Jetpack StatsJetpack stats from WordPress.com.
  • Landscape Support – More “landscape orientation” now (i.e. viewing your screen horizontally).
  • Site and Dashboard Links – New buttons added to the sidebar to make switching to the frontend and backend easier.

Coming in future releases are “adding a Visual Editor, a Notification Area and support for Featured Images.”

You can find the new app in the Apple app store.

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