4 WordPress Dropbox Plugins For Easier Sharing and Storage

4 WordPress Dropbox Plugins For Easier Sharing and Storage

When it comes to sharing and storing files, more than 600 million people agree Dropbox is one of the best options available. In this article, we’re looking at four Dropbox WordPress plugins that can help harness and enhance its abilities.

According to recent 2020 stats, every second around 4,000 files are edited in Dropbox – and each hour 100,000 folders and links are gathered and shared across the globe.

Point is, the sharing and storage behemoth has become an essential tool in many people’s workflow.

However, what a lot of people might not know, is that there are also many WordPress Dropbox plugins available to help make the most of and enhance its features.

4 WordPress Dropbox Plugins To Consider Adding To Your Arsenal

The list below brings together many of the top WordPress plugins that can make a Dropbox integration possible.

Several of them work with other services (e.g. WooCommerce) and others function without additional third-party applications.

If you use Dropbox, you should have a good idea of which plugin will work best for you and the popular file storing/sharing service!

  • BackWPup - WordPress Backup Plugin

    BackWPup is the free version of the plugin of the same name. It allows you to save your entire WordPress installation and push it to Dropbox.

    This plugin is compatible with the latest version of WordPress and has attracted more than 600K active installations and a 4.5-star rating in the WordPress Plugin Repository.

    If you download the free version, it’s good to keep in mind that support is not available for free. You would need to upgrade to the Pro version for support and additional features, such as complete automatic restore, encrypt backup archives, a list of all installed plugins, and more. Currently, Pro is priced at $69.

    Interested in BackWPup - WordPress Backup Plugin?

  • External Media

    The External Media plugin imports files and create external links from Dropbox. It’s a convenient way to link and use files from Dropbox quickly and easily.

    You have several options when it comes to adding files. Either insert from URL or import the files into WordPress.

    It also won’t upload the same file twice. It will check if the file already exists in your WordPress site and reuse it.

    If you’d like to upgrade, there’s a Premium version that features support for Unsplash, Instagram, Pexels, Pixabay, and AWS. The cost is only $5.95.

    This plugin has a 4-star review and over 8k active users.

    Interested in External Media?

  • WooCommerce Dropbox

    If you use WooCommerce, the WooCommerce Dropbox plugin might be a perfect fit. This plugin gives you the ease of use of serving your downloadable products through Dropbox.

    It makes it easy by simply choosing a file from your Dropbox account, and then the plugin handles the rest.

    The WooCommerce Dropbox plugin is great for smaller files, such as PDFs, text documents, Excel docs, and more. It’s not recommended for larger files (e.g. videos).

    Though it doesn’t have very many active installations (just about a thousand at this time), it does have a 4.5-star review and worth trying out if you use WooCommerce and Dropbox.

    Interested in WooCommerce Dropbox?

  • WordPress File Sharing Plugin and Download Manager

    With the WordPress File Sharing Plugin and Download Manager plugin, you can list and manage downloadable files on your WordPress site easily by adding the files in the admin and inserting the shortcode to the page you want to list the files.

    You can also preview certain file types in the browser, keep files separated from the media library, and add tags to files. Plus, it includes high-quality SVG icons for 25 file types.

    If you want more features, there is a Pro version that includes a file load counter, bandwidth usage estimate, password-protected files, and more. It comes with a free trial and then is priced from $19.99 to $199, depending on sites and annual/lifetime payment.

    The WordPress File Sharing Plugin and Download Manager has a 4.5-star review and similar to WooCommerce Dropbox, not as many downloads as some of the others. It currently has 400+ active downloads.

    Interested in WordPress File Sharing Plugin and Download Manager?

Which Dropbox WordPress Plugin Will Work Best For Your Situation?

As you can see, they all perform a bit differently in terms of usage. Hopefully one of these plugins will work well with your WordPress site and Dropbox account.

Also, since Dropbox is becoming more involved in the day-to-day, it’s worth adding additional Dropbox features beyond plugins. For example, consider integrating your email with features like Dropbox Gmail integration.

Whether it’s a plugin or Gmail, streamlining access to Dropbox helps make using the service easier.

Try one of these plugins today and happy file sharing!

Do you use any of these plugins with your Dropbox? If so, let us know in the comments!

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