WordPress for BlackBerry App Version 1.6 is Out with New Features

WordPress for BlackBerry App Version 1.6 is Out with New Features

Version 1.6 of WordPress for BlackBerry is now out and updated with new features. We’ll run through some of the more important ones below.


The Dashboard will be the first screen you see when you launch the app. It allows easy access to writing new Pages and Posts, publishing photos, moderating comments, checking stats, and more.

Action Bar

The Action Bar sits at the top of the screen and lets you move between your blogs, as well as refresh Posts, Pages, and Comments.

Quick Photo Button

With the Quick Photo button, you are taken directly to the camera. You can also immediately attach a photo to a post. If your theme supports it, Quick Photo will use the Image Post Format. You can also post images already stored on your site.

Localization (Languages)

Version 1.6 sees the addition of six new languages: Bosnian, Hebrew, Croatian, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish, and Simplified Chinese.

Other New Features

  • Sticky posts
  • Infinite Scroll – new items load as you scroll
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • FilePicker – sorts files by date, making it easy to find your latest images

You can see a full list of changes here.

How to Download the Latest Version

You can go directly to RIM App World and download the app there, or you can visit the WordPress for BlackBerry download page.