WordPress For iOS Gets a Makeover in 3.6 Update

WordPress For iOS Gets a Makeover in 3.6 Update

The WordPress iOS app has been given more than just a dash of lipstick in its latest release.

Version 3.6 has undergone a complete makeover, with a new UI, a shortcut in the sidebar for faster and easier posting and improved push notifications.

The interface is not as clunky as it used to be – it’s easier than ever to fire up the app while you’re sitting on the train to work or having a coffee at your favourite cafe and tap out a quick post.

WordPress iOS mobile sidebar in version 3.6
The updated sidebar makes it easier to quickly add a new post or page.

According to the Make WordPress Mobile change log, version 3.6 includes:

  • A completely redesigned new user experience
  • A faster way to post: added shortcut on the sidebar
  • Fixed a problem with Tumblr imported blogs
  • Emoticons now appear correctly on notifications
  • Performance improvements for notifications
  • Updated translations: now also in Russian, Danish and Korean

I took the app for a spin and it’s easy to create a new WordPress.com-powered blog or log in an existing self-hosted WordPress site. Adding and editing posts and pages is straightforward, as is moderating comments. There’s also a clean interface for checking your site’s stats.

It’s a good app, but it’s still missing features that would make it a great app. Uploading media is awkward. It’s not easy to position photos where you want them to sit in your post. It also doesn’t make sense that uploaded photos show up as HTML code rather than as pictures when you’re editing posts. For bloggers with no technical ability – and those who have made an exodus from Tumblr – making it easier to upload and edit media needs to be a priority in the next release. On top of that, there’s no way to search your existing media library if you want to use an image you have previously uploaded.

WordPress iOS mobile post in version 3.6
Images uploaded to WordPress iOS 3.6 come up as HTML – or gobbledy gook to non-techie bloggers.

Just last week, WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg spoke to CNN Money about WordPress and its future in mobile.

“I think probably within the next five years we’ll transition to a majority, or super majority, of WordPress usage coming from touch devices, including things like laptops that have keyboards, but they’ll primarily be touch driven,” Mullenweg said.

“I don’t think we embraced mobile early enough, especially because open source communities don’t embrace these closed platforms.

“We’re doing fantastic on the web and growing that percentage but I don’t think our mobile apps are really where they should be at.”

It looks like we can expect more features in the next version of the WordPress for iOS app.

The new WordPress 3.6 is available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for free at the App Store.

Have you tried out the latest version of the WordPress iOS app? Tell us what you think below.

Credits: pixelthing