WordPress HTML Newsletters: Create Beautiful Emails with SendPress

WordPress HTML Newsletters: Create Beautiful Emails with SendPress

It’s amazing what you can build with WordPress. Developers are constantly extending the platform to be able to provide functionality previously available only through third party services.

SendPress is an exciting new plugin that provides a lightweight, user-friendly newsletter/email system for WordPress. Not only does it let you create and send beautiful HTML emails, but it also includes everything you need to manage your email lists, subscribers and stats and reports.

SendPress was designed to be very user-friendly, featuring:

  • A simple editor with an HTML-free experience
  • Easy to use theme styler
  • Get stats for each newsletter: opens, clicks, unsubscribes
  • Add a subscription form as a sidebar widget or in your pages
  • Your newsletters will look great on the iPhone, in Gmail, Android, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.
  • Consistent rendering – Send with your web host, Gmail or SendPress ( coming soon )
  • Segment your lists based on opened, clicked & bounced

The default email template is attractive, but you can also use the theme styler to customize and brand your templates as much as you like.

You can manage your subscribers and lists directly through the WordPress dashboard, including importing and exporting:

SendPress list management

SendPress goes one step beyond what many other WordPress newsletter plugins provide in that it actually tracks each email’s results, including Opens, Clicks, Bounces and more. You can access this information in your dashboard through the reports that SendPress produces.

SendPress reports

Using SendPress is a great way to streamline your website and email newsletter. Future releases of SendPress will include autoresponders, advanced reports, list segments, Google analytics tracking, scheduled sending, and more. They are aiming to deliver enterprise level email features to WordPress sites. Find out more at the SendPress website and download it for free from the WordPress plugin repository.

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