6 WordPress Linkedin Groups You Should Join Today

6 WordPress Linkedin Groups You Should Join Today

Linkedin is a great network for professionals to connect and market themselves. To take it a step up, there are numerous groups that one can join depending on their work and interests.

Since we’re all about WordPress, here’s a few groups you should join on Linkedin today to stay connected with members of similar interests.


Obviously it’s the main group on Linkedin for users, developers, and consultants on the WordPress platform. The group has 20,000 members who connect and share ideas, questions, and contacts around the software they all have in common.

WordPress Experts

While the term “experts” is not really defined, I’m assuming it’s left to the members discretion to decide whether or not they are one. Presently the group has over 6,400 members and topics vary from hosting, code, SEO, loops, themes and other topics.

WordPress Developers

This group was created for developers, who use WordPress as full functional CMS, not just as Blog CMS. With just under 1,700 members the group seems to be light on membership, but I’m sure the discussions are top notch.

WordPress Web Designers

Discussions in this group center around themes, plugins, business requests, technical help and more. With around 3,500 members talking about a variety of related topics you are sure to find something of interest.

SEO for WordPress

Ah, SEO the quintessential topic. I’m surprised there’s only 3,200 members in this group! Since the content is free to browse you don’t need to join to read the topics.

WordPress Lovers

Another group centered around WP, not too many members though. So you might want to give this one a pass. Just mentioned it here in case you find something interesting in it.

Quiz: 4 of the above 6 groups have spelled WordPress wrong on their group page, Can you guess which ones got it right?