WordPress Plugins to Let Your Users Subscribe to Category RSS Feeds

WordPress Plugins to Let Your Users Subscribe to Category RSS Feeds

If you have a varied site, your visitors may only want updates from certain categories but not others.

Finding the category feed on a WordPress site is pretty easy for those who know the trick: just add feed/ to the end of the category URL, for example…


But, of course, many of your visitors will probably not know that trick. So this is where the Category Specific RSS Feed Subscription plugin comes in handy.

This plugin lets you automatically list your category feeds in a widget, in a post or a page with a shortcode, or anywhere in your theme with some insertion code.

FeedBurner Users

If you use FeedBurner to handle your RSS feeds, then you will want to also use FeedBurner FeedSmith Extend plugin in conjunction with the plugin above.

This plugin makes sure that all your different feeds on your site are channeled through Feedburner. These different feeds include your category feeds, of course, but also your comment feeds and your tag feeds.

There is a little bit of manual setting up to do after installing and activating the plugin. You can find the section for this under your Setting tab.

Give ‘Em What They Want

People unsubscribe from RSS feeds because they aren’t getting what they want. If you can help them get only what they want from the beginning, they’ll be much happier and less likely to unsubscribe.