The Best WordPress Conversation On The Web: Are You a Part Of It?

The Best WordPress Conversation On The Web: Are You a Part Of It?

Join the best WordPress conversation on the webAs most of you are no doubt aware, we’re hard at work trying to make a more interactive experience this year.

In 2012 we aim to involve you folks in the blog as much as possible. An important part of this strategy is our WordPress Q & A sessions, where we try to connect members of our community who can help each other solve their WordPress problems.

If you haven’t been following our Q & A sessions, these are some of the questions that we’ve received from our readers so far:

(If you think you have an answer to any of these, please venture over and leave a comment on the respective article. We’re trying to get as many suggestions and ideas as possible.)

Most importantly, please take the time to send us your own WordPress question. The most interesting and useful questions will be published here on the blog, and we reward the author with a 3 month membership at WPMU DEV, valued at $159. You can read all the details and submit your question here.

We hope to continue the Q & A sessions throughout this year. So stick around, get involved and help us truly create the best WordPress conversation on the web.

Photo: Giovanni Novara.

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