WordPress Quiz Plugins to Put Your Users to the Test

WordPress Quiz Plugins to Put Your Users to the Test

WordPress quiz plugins have a come a long way in the last few years. For some reason, there seem to be a lot more quality options out there.

If you’re looking to put a quiz on your site, then we’ve run down seven different free plugins for you below.

Let us know in the comments if you know of any other good free options.

  • 1. WP Pro Quiz

    The WP Pro Quiz plugin is a very impressive, nice-looking quiz tool. It offers lots of options, including building quiz templates by making a series of choices and then saving those choices as a template.

    The question sections are completed by using a visual editor, and so multi-media questions are easy to build. But you use a visual editor for indicating answers as well, which gives you an opportunity to really go into explanations.

    The Admin has the ability to look at scores for all users that have taken quizzes, and another nice feature allows the Admin to single out individual registered users, easily letting the Admin see how one specific user is doing.

    There are lots of other features that you don’t normally see on quiz plugins, such as seeing what your score is compared to the average score of other users.

    Here’s a look at that function:


    Below are some of the plugin’s other features.

    • Display questions randomly
    • Display questions by category
    • Set time limit
    • Stats about right and wrong answers
    • Option to limit quiz to one try
    • Require prerequisite quizzes
    • Get notified of users completing quizzes
    • Require quiz takers to be logged in
    • Show average scores and user’s score
    • Show category scores
    • Create quiz templates
    • Assign points to questions
    • Give hints
  • 2. Quiz Master Next

    This plugin offers a number of very nice features that let you track user results and even send users emails after their quizzes.

    Although the questions don’t use the visual editor with this plugin, you can do things such as use HTML or embed YouTube videos.

    You set up a template by inserted pre-established variables such as %POINT_SCORE% and %QUIZ_NAME%. It comes with many different options in this regard.

    This plugin also lets you keep scores and present them in a leaderboard fashion.

    In addition, you can see exactly what results individual quiz takers got on each individual question in a quiz and even how long it took to complete the quiz. This function is what sets this plugin apart, in my opinion. If you’re looking to drill down into how a user answered their questions, you can’t beat this plugin.

    Here’s a quick look at that:


    Here are some of the other features:

    • Give hints
    • Give comments
    • Vertical radio buttons
    • Drop down selections
    • Open answers
    • Multiple response (check boxes)
    • Email scores
    • Send different emails based on score
    • Offer a certificate (in beta)
    • Stats on dashboard about number of quizzes taken
  • 3. Chained Quiz

    The Chained Quiz plugin is especially interesting for its main claim to fame, which is that you can “chain” questions together the way you like. In other words, the next question a user gets depends on their answer to the previous question.

    For example, say Option 1 is the correct answer to a question. If the user chooses Option 1, then you set the next question to be a question that’s more difficult.

    If, however, the user chooses the incorrect answer of Option 2, maybe you set the next question to be a question of equal difficulty or dealing with the same material.

    Here’s a look. I’ve set the first answer as correct. If the user chooses this, they go onto the end of the quiz. If, however, the user chooses the second answer, I’ve made them repeat the “2 Question.”


    With the ability to manipulate a quiz in this manner, you can create some pretty sophisticated tests.

    Apart from the above, the plugin uses a visual editor for question creation, allowing you to easily make detailed or multi-media oriented question.

    It also comes with the ability to see users’ scores in the backend.

  • 4. SlickQuiz

    The SlickQuiz plugin is pretty easy to work with in the backend, and it gives you a number of nice options to consider. It even lets you control elements such as the text on the Next and Back buttons, labels for scores and rankings, and messages to display at different points in the quiz process.

    Although it doesn’t use the visual editor for questions, you can do things such as embed YouTube videos in the question area.

    This plugin also lets you keep the scores of logged in users in the backend.

    It also lets users share their scores via Twitter/Facebook/email.

    Here’s a look:



    Here are some features:

    • Preview quizzes as making them
    • Randomly order question
    • Force questions to be answered
    • Display correct answer under question
    • Display correct answers upon quiz completion
    • Share score via Twitter/Facebook/Email
    • User scores can be assigned a level created by you
  • 5. mTouch Quiz

    Questions are created with a full visual editor, and so detailed questions can be made.

    The large buttons for the answers are purposefully made that way to make them easy to touch on small screens (hence the name “mTouch”). The color scheme is blue in the free version. You have more choices in the pro version.


    A number of options in the quiz seem to require an upgrade to the pro version. It gets a little frustrating after a while clicking on links thinking you’re about to do something only to be met with a message to buy the pro version.

    Below are some features:

    • Provide hints for wrong answers
    • Give comments for correct answers.
    • Multiple correct answers
    • Assign point values to each question
    • Custom start and finish screens
  • 6. WPQuiz

    The WPQuiz plugin is a very simple, easy-to-use plugin that may suit your needs if you don’t need anything too complicated. It does not use the visual editor for the question section, and so questions with media, etc. are not meant to be built with this plugin.

    It does not save scores of users; it simply presents them at the end of the quiz.

  • 7. Watu

    The Watu plugin is a simple quiz maker. It gives you custom post types to create your quizzes, and so you can add as much detail as you like to your questions.


    It allows you to give an overall grade with a comment; however, there is one small annoyance with this feature — it adds unnecessary quotation marks that end up on different lines, and it arranges the whole section in an odd way. This “small” thing, unfortunately, will make your site look somewhat junky.

    Here are some of its main features:

    • Single or multiple answers
    • Show answers immediately after question
    • Show answer at end of quiz
    • Option to not show answer

Overall Ratings

There were a number of nice plugins in this collection. The WP Pro Quiz and the Quiz Master Next plugins had quite a lot to offer. And then the Chained Quiz plugin offered a feature that will make it a hands down choice for anyone looking to build a sophisticated quiz that serves up next questions based on the users’ answers.


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  • Chained Quiz:
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  • Watu:

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