Remove the WordPress Toolbar without the Negative Consequences

Remove the WordPress Toolbar without the Negative Consequences

We wrote a little while ago about removing the WordPress Admin Bar (now called the Toolbar). In that post we mentioned that we couldn’t find a working plugin that would remove the new WordPress Toolbar. We also mentioned that removing the new Toolbar would likely be a bad idea because it would remove the Logout link and the Network link on Multisites.

Well, we’ve just found a plugin called Toolbar Removal that solves all those issues. It not only removes the Toolbar, it keeps the Logout and Network links intact.

The Plugin in Action

This plugin is as simple as it gets. There is nothing to configure. Just install it and activate it, and it will remove the Toolbar for you on both the frontend and the backend.

Here’s a look at it in action.


Again, you can find the Toolbar Removal plugin here.

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