WordPress Skype Plugins to Help You Connect with Your Visitors

WordPress Skype Plugins to Help You Connect with Your Visitors

With 250 million monthly connected users, Skype is obviously at least one of the communication choices for many around the world. And so if you’re looking to connect with your site’s visitors in a more immediate way, Skype is a good way to go.

For WordPress users, there are a few nice plugins that will let you easily put Skype buttons on your site. These buttons let users see when you’re online and make it convenient to contact you.

We’ll go over three such plugins below, plus two more plugins also related to Skype functions.


Showing Online Status

Before we go over the plugins, we’ll go over giving Skype permission to show your status online. You will probably need to check a box in your Skype application that is unchecked by default.

You’ll need to open your Skype app and navigate to the following:

Tools > Options > Privacy > (check box) Allow my online status to be shown on the web


Below are the plugins.


1. Skype Online Status

The Skype Online Status plugin gives you a huge collection of button types to put into your site through a widget, a shortcode, or into your theme’s template files with PHP. It also gives you tons of options for the different types of actions someone can take (call, add to Skype, voicemail, see profile, send file, etc.). In addition, it gives you plenty of flexibility by letting you customize the various messages associated with the buttons.

Here are a few examples of some available buttons.


Here are just some of the available settings for the buttons.


Here’s a look at one small section of the settings available. This section lets you customize your text.


This is a look at the widget settings.


One Thing To Know

This plugin comes with an active affiliate link. The link appears below the buttons on your page. However, you can either change the affiliate link to your own affiliate link, or you can simple disable it. Here’s the spot where you disable it on the settings page.



2. Neat Skype Status

The Neat Skype Status plugin is a very nice plugin that concentrates especially on design and giving users flexibility by allowing for custom designed buttons.

Buttons can be inserted into a Post or Page with a shortcode, used in a widget, or put into a floating bar on the side of your site.

There are actually two versions of this plugin. The first version is for a single user only. Version 2 allows for contacting multiple people (or multiple Skype accounts if you have more than one).

Here’s a look at Version 1 of the plugin with all three positions activated (floating sidebar, in post, in widget).


Here’s a look at Version 2 in action with a floating sidebar.

We’ll run through a few of the main features for each version below.

Version 1 Features

  • Use official Skype buttons
  • Use custom Skype buttons
  • Auto-refresh page without reloading for true status
  • Transparent button backgrounds

Version 2 Features

  • Multiple Skype buttons for different accounts (good for businesses)
  • Customize buttons
  • Flexible contacts – visitors can contact many people or just one you specify
  • Automatically change contact method according to status(if online – call, if busy – chat, etc.)


Here’s a look at the plugin via a video created by the plugin’s author.


You can also check out the plugin on this demo page.



3. Simple Skype Status

The Simple Skype Status plugin is about as simple as it gets. While it only allows for a Skype button in a widget, if that’s all you need, then this may be just the plugin you’re looking for.

Setting up the plugin couldn’t be easier. Simply activate the widget and put your username it. That’s it.

Here’s a look at the widget settings.


And here’s a look at the widget when it’s live.


Disable Skype Highlighting

Finally, we’ll include two plugins here that will allow you to stop Skype from automatically highlighting  phone numbers on your site. Users can choose to do that with a Skype toolbar, but you can put a stop to it if you choose.


And that’s it. Happy skyping.