WordPress Themes Are Polarizing the Web: Why Freebies and Fees Make Jack a Dull Boy

WordPress Themes Are Polarizing the Web: Why Freebies and Fees Make Jack a Dull Boy

Why Free and Premium WordPress Themes Make Web Enthusiasts Angry
For better or worse, we live in a template-driven society. Almost, if not everything, is a component of something greater that drives our global economy. Modern commerce relies heavily upon technology, and technology is most effective when it streamlines productivity. This typically means that everything related to technology must be agile and accessible.

Undoubtedly, WordPress is both. Its free and premium themes have invited an array of people online, in their most professional light (Click here to see the top 50 free themes for your WordPress site). But this accomplishment may be a double-edge sword. Sure, it enables the unqualified to hit the grounds of cyberspace running. But “Jack” sees this and gnashes his teeth.

Who is Jack, you might ask? He’s that consummate web developer (or designer) who’s spent the greater portion of his career contributing to the Web’s progression. In Jack’s eyes, creativity is king. By no means is he against pre-designed WordPress themes, but they are beginning to polarize the grounds he once ruled. This epidemic, if you will, is affecting Jack’s career and bank account.

One might argue that Jack is dull for many reasons…and a WordPress theme isn’t one of them! Even I will admit that balancing business with creativity is what separates the mice from men. But at some point or another, we have all shared some degree of Jack’s sentiments. Rarely does passion find its place in big business. Repetition creates revenue; it’s a concept that existed long before interconnectivity.

I, personally, sympathize with Jack, as I too, enjoy nothing more than constructing the next masterpiece. On the other hand, I’ve learned that Michael Bloomberg is more regarded in business than Michelangelo. Everything in business—from our websites to the very image we project—must be modular and capable of adaptation. WordPress themes continue to open doors for many, but total adamancy against creativity and innovation will result in a burning, cyber hell.

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