WordPress Tip: Easy to Remember Admin Access

WordPress Tip: Easy to Remember Admin Access

This is just a quick little tip to make things a little easier for you—and maybe more importantly, for your clients.

If you’ve ever found yourself logged out of your site, and you don’t have a link to the admin area on the front end, then of course you can just type in the following to get to the backend.


While that’s certainly easy, there’s an even easier way. And, again, maybe more importantly, this will be easier for your clients too. For someone not familiar with WordPress, the “wp-admin” part is hard to remember and even looks messy and complicated.

And so instead, you can simply type in …


This will automatically redirect to mysite.com/wp-admin/.

Login Page

You can also do the same for logging in. Instead of typing in …


You can simply type in …



And one more addition we got from Mike Little (co-founder of WordPress) in the comments, you can also type in …


That’s it. Simple and sweet. Nothing revolutionary, but it might end up becoming part of your everyday repertoire.

*Note: This only works if you have “pretty permalinks” on. In other words, it won’t work if your site still uses the default permalink style (e.g. mysite.com/?p=123  instead of mysite.com/post-title). Thanks to Dziudek in the comments for this.

Photo: login password from BigStock