WordPress To Change ‘Posts’ to ‘Blog’ in Next Version?

WordPress To Change ‘Posts’ to ‘Blog’ in Next Version?

We’ve preached about the need to simplify the WordPress dashboard before, and just a few minutes ago one such change was proposed in the WordPress Trac.

This change is simple:

1. Change the ‘Posts‘ menu item to ‘Blog

2. Move the ‘Pages‘ and ‘Comments‘ menus up above ‘Media

The idea is that the difference between posts and pages is often confusing for new users and this should help make it more clear.

We are a bit torn on if this really is a good move, so thought it might be worth asking you here.

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For the record, healthy debate about the usability of WordPress is always welcome, and continuous improvement is a worthy goal. We’re excited to see some serious thought being put into menu placements and user experience.