Create Elegant Video Galleries for Your WordPress Site with Vimeography

Create Elegant Video Galleries for Your WordPress Site with Vimeography

Create Elegant Video Galleries for Your WordPress Site with VimeographyVimeo is the world’s largest user-made video site in the world, with over 8 million registered users as of December 2011.

Perhaps more pertinently, it also makes video look damn sexy. With no adverts and a streamlined interface, many people choose Vimeo over YouTube as their video hosting platform of choice.

And now, with the Vimeography plugin for WordPress, there is another reason to go with Vimeo.

Beautiful Video Galleries

That is what this plugin boasts:

Beautiful, custom video galleries

I’ve got to say – I don’t disagree. You only have to take a quick trip over to the Vimeography website to see that the plugin can produce some good-looking galleries:


The plugin itself is very easy to use, and is not short of functionality and customization options:

  • Automatically add videos uploaded to a Vimeo user account, channel, album or group
  • Easily insert galleries on a page, post or template with the gallery helper or shortcode
  • Set a featured video to appear as the first video in your gallery
  • Change your gallery’s appearance with custom themes
  • Built-in caching for quick page loads
  • Create unlimited galleries

The developer of Vimeography has produced a short guide to using the plugin:

As you can see from the above video, you can choose from a selection of different themes, which change the way in which your video gallery is presented. Whilst there are a couple of free options, you can also pay a few bucks for a premium theme.

The settings allow you to choose how often the video cache is refreshed, select the number of videos to be displayed, set the gallery width (which will otherwise be responsive), and select a featured video.

Finally, the developers have a premium version of the Vimeography plugin in the works, with plans for advanced sorting, playlists, comments and more.

If you’re into video and you’re a Vimeo user, this is a great option for presenting your videos in an elegant fashion.

Download Vimeography here.

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