How to Create a WordPress Video Gallery (The Easy Way)

How to Create a WordPress Video Gallery (The Easy Way)

This posts shares some tips on creating a hassle-free WordPress video gallery. The article was partly inspired by a discussion we had here a few weeks ago, on embedding videos in WordPress.

Create a WordPress video gallery using one of these plugins

It’s easier than ever for WordPress users to create sleek and sexy video galleries on their site. Whether you’re trying to start the next great video-sharing community, or simply want to add a bit of spice to your blog with some animated content, these are a few pointers to get you started.

A Caveat: Think twice about self-hosting your WordPress video gallery

Unless you have sufficiently powerful hosting for your WordPress site, you should avoid uploading and hosting your own videos.

Create a professional video gallery with your WordPress siteVideo files chews up a huge amount of bandwidth and disk storage space, and you’re surely going to run into problems if your hosting isn’t up to the task. The more people visit your site and watch the videos, the more server resources are consumed. You’ll find out very quickly if your hosting can’t hack the pressure, and the quality of your site will suffer.

Self-hosting your videos is only recommended if you have your own server, or are running your WordPress site on VPS hosting. Anything less is probably going to be more trouble than it’s worth.

If you’re running your WordPress site on basic shared hosting, it’s a much more sensible idea use a hosted video service like YouTube or Vimeo.

Creating a WordPress video gallery with TubePress

TubePress is far and away one of the most popular options for running a video gallery on your WordPress site.

TubePress integrates with both YouTube and Vimeo, and gives you a whole range of options for embedding professional-looking video galleries in your site. TubePress lets you do cool stuff like:

  • Adjust the height and width of your WordPress video player.
  • Automatically select your video galleries based on popular searches.
  • Choose between the standard YouTube player or JW FLV Player (not possible with Vimeo files at this stage).
  • Choose where your videos are displayed: on the page, in a HTML pop-up window, or the original YouTube/Vimeo page.

TubePress comes in two flavors: As a WordPress plugin (free) and a standalone PHP library ($25/year).

The free plugin is still rich in features, and has everything that most users would need to create a high quality WordPress video gallery. You can see a full comparison of the free and premium features on the TubePress download page.

Some alternatives to consider

TubePress is probably your best bet if you’re trying to create a WordPress Youtube gallery or Vimeo gallery with videos from those two sites only. Nonetheless, there are plenty of other options out there, especially if prefer to host your own videos. If TubePress isn’t what you’re looking for, these are some other video gallery plugins that might be worth investigating:

Are you running a video gallery with WordPress? Can you recommend a particular plugin or hosting service? Let us know what has worked well for you.

Photos: Ptufts and Video Lens (Bigstockphoto).