WPMU DEV Affiliate Program Goes Public: Non-Members Can Now Earn Cash From Referrals

WPMU DEV Affiliate Program Goes Public: Non-Members Can Now Earn Cash From Referrals

This week we’re excited to announce that the WPMU DEV Affiliate program is now open to everyone, even if you don’t currently have a WPMU DEV subscription.

Because we offer a generous 33% of all sales, our affiliate program has been very popular with our members so far. Successful affiliates are earning hundreds of dollars per month. As an affiliate you stand to make between $26.07 and $138.27 per new signup at WPMU DEV.

When it comes to WordPress-related product affiliate programs, WPMU DEV is right there at the top as far as rewards and tracking goes. The WPMU DEV Affiliate Program is set up to do the following:

  • Give you a genuine 33% of all sales you generate
  • Track visitors you send us for 60 days via a cookie
  • Provide you with real time reports of visitors you send to us
  • Provide you with creative banners optimized to convert
  • Send you rapid monthly payments and offer performance incentives

WPMU DEV is Easy to Promote

At WPMU DEV we’re not just selling plugins and themes. Our professional support team is second to none and very quick to respond. It’s like having your own WordPress developer who you can consult at any time, except you’re getting access to a whole team of experts. Currently we have over 100,000 registered users and are growing every day. We make it easy for you to promote your affiliattion with professionally-designed banners and embed code that you can copy and paste:

Become a WPMU DEV Affiliate Today

Want to join the ranks of other successful affiliates earning extra cash each month? Here’s how to join:

1.Create a free (or paid, not required but recommended) account here.
Note: To create a free account just go thought he first steps and don’t pay.

2. Enter your information on the Affiliates Details page.

3.Click on the edit link that then appears in the top banner to copy your affiliate link.

4. Grab one (or more) of our beautiful affiliate banners to use on your site.

5. We’ll send you your earnings via PayPal at the start of every month for any signups over 60 days past (minus any refunds/charge-backs) and you can also track how you are doing in the dashboard.

The WPMU DEV Affiliate Program is, of course, absolutely free and only takes a minute to set up. Once you’ve registered as a WPMU DEV affiliate you’ll be on your way to earning extra cash each month.