WPMU Dev Is In Your Dashboard: Get Instant Support, Updates and Special Offers

WPMU Dev Is In Your Dashboard: Get Instant Support, Updates and Special Offers

If you use any of our plugins or themes on your WordPress sites, then you may have noticed a huge change in your dashboard recently. We’re excited to release WPMU DEV Dashboard, formerly known as our Update Notifications plugin. Getting access to updates and support is much more convenient than ever before.

WPMU DEV Dashboard puts everything at your fingertips, so you never have to leave your WordPress admin.

The new dashboard plugin will greatly improve your workflow with our products. Instead of opening up new tabs to find plugins and themes, you can now browse and filter them within your dashboard.

Support topics can be easily created and searched through the dashboard panel as well:

What’s New in the WPMU DEV Dashboard?

  • Complete rewrite and redesign of every aspect of the plugin
  • Dashboard page view with reputation and history
  • Plugin/Theme browsing pages
  • Instant one-click plugin/theme installs from the dashboard
  • Slideup product info/screenshots
  • Instant searching, filtering, and ordering of listings
  • Community page with forum activity
  • Support page with instant support topic creation/monitoring from dashboard
  • Membership and payment info in dashboard
  • New dashboard widgets: News, quick links
  • Support for central view of updates for all sites on WPMU DEV
  • Ability to limit functionality to a specific user on client sites

Earn a Free Lifetime Membership!

The new Community tab makes it easy to stay up to date with threads you’ve started. You’ll also get a quick support summary so that it’s much easier to find topics you may be able to jump in on. When you help other members you’ll have the opportunity to gain reputation points, which can earn you a lifetime membership to WPMU DEV.

You can even manage your membership details directly through the dashboard, as well as turn admin notices on or off for plugins, release announcements, dashboard widgets and special offers.

The new dashboard plugin is now so much more than plugin update notifications. If you haven’t already, you’re going to want to install WPMU DEV Dashboard right away.